Worried That the Sharp Corners of the Furniture Will Hurt Your Family? Protect Them Check It Out!

We all know that every house has wooden Furniture and boxes. The bottom part of the wooden furniture defect after some time.Which spoils the look and appearance of our product.

So we need a good quality corner protector to protect the Furniture. That provides protection to our Furniture, especially End Corner of Wooden Furniture and boxes.

Today we will talk about Vintage End Corner Protector. So let’s discuss the specification, features and benefits of this amazing product. Get it today from here.


●    Brand Name          NAIERDI

●    DIY Supplies        Metalworking

●    is_customized       Yes

●    Type                       Corner Bracket

●    Modal Number      AS-43

●    Material                  Zinc Alloy

●    Color                      Bronze

●    Size                        40×30

●    Quantity                4 PCS 

●    Wholesale Discount  

 ●    Dropship               Accept


● It is made from Zinc Alloy material.

Lite weight. So it’s very solid and harsh, which gives him Durability.

● Provides support to end corners of Jewelry boxes, gift boxes, cabinets, and other wooden furniture.

● Give an upgraded look for old Furniture, plain photo frames etc.

● Cool and Beautiful Design – Vintage Corner protector has a unique and cool design that makes it more attractive.

Package include:

Four corner protector and matching accessories.


●    Vintage Corner Protectors is the best quality, value for money, and long-lasting product.

●    Quick and easy to install – It has an easy, quick and simple process to install. Does not consume much time in installation. And it also removes easily from corners of boxes and Furniture.

●    Suitable for various wooden crates, jewelry boxes, storage boxes, tables, and other items.

●    Enhance Durability – By using this, the lower part of the Furniture is not defective, which increases the Durability of the Furniture. 

● When you’ve Furniture with Sharp Corners, you require Corner Protectors for your family’s security. Vintage Corner Protector also Protects You From the Sharp Corner of the Furniture.

●    Unique design, protecting your boxes. Keep your jewelry box, gift box, and Photo frames appearance quality and durable.

● By using it Furniture and photo frames look more beautiful and attractive. 


●    Non Repairable –  If this product by chance is broken, then it cannot be repaired. This is its major disadvantage.

● This product has brown color. You will not find a variety of color combinations in this.

If you are looking for a different colorful product, then it may not be suitable for you.

● They are not designed for heavy-weight containers and boxes. So it’s not perfect for heavy-weight containers and boxes.


Everyone needs a good quality corner bracket ( protector ) to protect their wooden Furniture and boxes.

All the features mentioned above are available in a good quality corner protector, so check the quality and Durability of any product before purchasing it. Also, You can choose a good product by comparing the products of your budget range with each other.

If you want to buy a long-lasting and value for money corner protector, then a vintage corner protector is a good option for you. 

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