Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them

Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them

Wonders of the World: Discover Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe by Richard Walter. This is a travel guide to discover the hidden wonders that are generally not available in the mainstream tourist circuit.

See The World

Sometimes one can be so absorbed in his trip and wonder why he is even visiting such a place. It’s impressive how continents can sometimes seem like they have been designed with the sole intention of being “shopped.” For those who do find themselves wishing for more, the wondrous is waiting to be discovered, for if you want to see the world at its best truly, this is the book for you.

Culture Of The Wilderness

There is no more unique opportunity to delve into history, culture, and natural wonders than a trek through remote lands. In Richard Walter’s Worlds Within Wonders, you will become immersed in the wonder and culture of the wilderness.

Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them
Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them

Fantastic Opportunities Of The World

You will find yourself with wild eyes and the urge to explore. Often travelers get off track and miss out on some of the fantastic opportunities of the world. The wonders of the world will touch on countries like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, China, Korea, and Malaysia. The best places to see are those that have been passed down through the ages and are still waiting to be explored.

Countries You Can Visit

The first section of the book is devoted to the countries you can visit for a glimpse of the wonders of the world. They are as follows:

Australia: Wonders Of The World:

Australia is one of the most diverse places on earth, home to a fantastic diversity in flora and fauna, spectacular landscapes, incredible natural diversity, and incredible diversity in its people. From the deserts to the sky-scraping mountains and from the rainforests to the volcanic dunes, Australia is one place that offers something for everyone.

China: Wonders Of The World:

A nation filled with superstitions and magic that are seen every day in everyday life. China is full of ancient traditions and history and is also the land of fire and water. China’s vast culture, arts, and traditions are often a part of its greatest joys, and what the country offers is genuinely fascinating. There is a variety of places to visit in China that will thrill your senses and bring back memories for a lifetime.

India: Wonders Of The World:

This country is a natural wonder, in the first place, having a supremely hot climate, serenity, splendor, and tradition that all makes it a marvel to behold. The rich civilizations that have occupied the land in India.

Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them
Wonders Of The World: Where To See Them

Arabia: Wonders Of The World:

There is nothing more amazing than to be in this land and witness the wonders of the world for oneself. The rainforests, the meandering rivers, the wild animals, and the indescribable natural beauty that surround you here will draw you in and make you realize that you have found a land that is not only great but marvelous. Arabia also includes many smaller places that stand out as wonders.


Because of its vast geographical space, Africa can offer it the most enormous diversity of scenery, wildlife, history, culture, and natural wonder. While there, you will also be drawn into the great history of the African continent.


The wonders of Europe are wide and varied, and while the United Kingdom certainly has its share of them, there are so many more where these came from. The diversity of this continent has produced some fantastic wonders that will draw you into its massive cultural and historical influences.

Bottom Line

The Wonders of the World includes a map of each continent so that you can see exactly where you are in the world. The book has a small side-by-side map of each continent to discover the wonders of the world. Also, there is an index for the continent locations to help you locate them quickly.

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