Who Came First In The World

who came first in the world

The debate over who came first in the world has raged ever since man and woman first shared their love. Each side keeps telling the other’s side of the story with great fervor. One side says that the beginning of the world was when Adam and Eve ate from the tree. The other side says that it was when they were joined together as one.

Both arguments make sense. But which came first, the tree or the woman? Science may never shed any light on this enigma. But there are plenty of clues pointing to both. And all signs point to humans as the ones who came first in the world.

Garden Of Eden

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Evidence points to us knowing Who Came First in the Garden of Eden about six thousand years ago. It was recorded that the woman said, “We came to live because of a man, and not to walk from man to God.” This is a clear reference to the Adam and Eve story. The woman then began to describe how she and the man began to fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together. Then, after some time, the woman said, “We are without a husband.”

This may seem like a trifle confusing for those who teach that the original creation story was about a man and a woman. But it makes perfect sense when you examine what the Old Testament teaches about creation. God created people in His own image, and then “bred them,” so to speak, to fill His image.

Adam And Eve

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In fact, Adam and Eve were the first people on the face of the earth according to the Genesis accounts. They were the first people to make bread and to eat it. From that point on, Adam and Eve lived in harmony and did not argue or fight. There was no murder, theft or adultery.

So, just where did this idea that Adam and Eve were the first person on the earth come from? The most likely origin is the book of Job in the Bible. The book of Job makes mention of Eve being the wife of a man called ” Methuselah.” This fits well with the account in the New Testament where we read that Mary was the wife of Jesus.

Now, back to the original question: Who came first in the world? Science has provided some interesting answers lately through the use of archeology and genetics. DNA evidence points to a genetic relationship between peoples. Some studies have shown very strong genetic similarities, much like the similarities between different races of humans.

Various Archaeological Sites

The book of Numbers points to a very high number of men being placed in various archaeological sites. Some were put in tombs. If these men were put in tombs, how did their companions, their enemies and their families know who they were? Did they write down their names and those of their loved ones? Archaeologists have found mummified remains that date back to around 80 years B.C. Although this dates the event, it does not prove that there were people living with man before this time.

A book written by Zechariah Joseph (a native of ancient Israel) named “Book of Ruth” also provides information regarding who came first in the world. In this book, Ruth, the mother of Jacob, relates how her maids laundered money for Jacob and sold some of their clothes to make a large payment for Jacob’s home. However, when her maids come to get their payment, they find Jacob’s home empty. Their boss, Laban, tells them that Jacob has gone off to serve his God and the Jews. From this, the legend goes that Ruth realized that her actions had not been right and she ran away from home.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how any of these cultures come to a conclusion about who came first in the world, it does not matter because both of them have a point. They are both right and wrong, but it is up to each culture to determine who is correct. At least one group of people are right and the other are wrong, it is a simple and unfortunate fact of life.

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