What To Learn From Genius Ancient World About Buddhist Beliefs

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With over 7 percent of the world’s population practicing Buddhism, there’s definitely some things to learn from the followers’ lifestyles to implement in yours.

In Buddhist philosophy, the Noble Truths are these powerful elements that might change your life if followed; they help you live your life happily, and to the fullest. Hence, we discuss what you should learn from the Genius Ancient World about Buddhist beliefs.

Know That Life Is Painful And Suffering Happens (Dukkha)

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This is a very important element of the Noble Truths. At first, you start to think of Buddhism as negative or pessimistic. But, it isn’t so. This element goes way beyond telling you to deal with life as bad things happen.

Inevitably in human lives, you’ll sometimes feel certain unpleasant feelings; feelings of loss, failure, anxiety, sadness, heartbreak among others. And you’ll not only feel these feelings once in a lifetime, they may occur again and again.

This is why the Dukkha element of the Noble Truths teaches you to further avoid these feelings. How do you do this? Avoid getting too attached to material items, or setting so high your expectations, as these are the recipes for disappointment, and utter frustration. Instead, learn to acknowledge the sufferings in your life, rather than fearing them and getting frustrated at the lack of solutions.

To implement this element in your daily life, know that life isn’t made to be a certain way; good, and rosy like we all think. Instead, embrace the fact that bad things do happen, and negative emotions are inevitable. Don’t get too attached to the idea of life being all easy or rosy. Open up your mind to uncertainties that will certainly occur in life.

Life Is In Constant Flux (Anitya)

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Anitya as an element of the Noble Truths means impermanence. It teaches us that life is in constant motion. One thing you can’t do is get back a past moment, or replicate it.

This element of impermanence is especially comforting when you go through bad situations. When you feel sad, you know that everything is impermanent and the feeling will pass. Eventually, all our pains will pass.

However, when you’re in a good situation, like when you experience joy, Anitya will remind you not to get too attached and open up your mind to the fact that the feeling can’t be forever.

To implement this element in your daily life, accept the fact that everything changes, and you may not be able to get back the past. So liberate yourself with the idea of impermanence.

Your wealth, your health, your mood, your relationships, no matter how good or bad they currently are, open up your mind to the idea that everything may change and you may not get them back. Instead of getting scared at the idea, enjoy the good moments when they come and know that the bad ones will certainly pass.


Buddhism teaches us numerous life lessons; some of them discussed in Genius Ancient World. The Noble Truths in Buddhism help us cope with life. Hence, we discuss what to learn from the Genius Ancient World about Buddhist beliefs.

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