Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know

Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know

The idea of constructing such a wall with the technology available today makes us feel tired. But without any technology, the Chinese worked hard and created this massive structure which makes the country so proud.

The wall prolongs the entire country from the west to the east without disturbing the landscapes. In addition, it stretches for a distance of 13,170.70 miles along with deserts, mountains, and forests. The major portion of the wall got destroyed due to the rapid weather changes. But today we can see the China wall contributed by Ming Dynasty of the 13th century.

Interesting Things About China Wall

The best thing about this wall is the diversity of scenery along the length. Firstly, you can see different landscapes like mountains in one section and suddenly terrain in another section. You can even see the beaches in some parts.

Secondly, you should see the China Wall at night to experience wholeness. It looks amazing during night time too. You may not know all the facts about this wall and meanwhile, look into the following fun facts.

1. Two Thousand Years Of Construction

Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know
Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know

Firstly, the two blocks of walls were constructed between the 5th and 8th century. Qin Shi Huang after unified China with nearer dynasties, the other blocks of the China Wall has erupted. Moreover, it was built mainly to prevent the nation from invaders.

The materials used to construct the wall comprise different materials. It was difficult to transport the materials and therefore they were used from nearby mountains.

2. China Wall Is Not Continuous

It is misunderstood that the wall is a single piece of wall that runs along kilometers. But it is a series of blocks connected to form a wall. The different sections were built under different kingdoms and dynasties.

3. Not Visible From Space

Most people think that the China wall is visible from space. This is a myth and NASA explorers explained that it is visible only under certain conditions like weather and distance.

This myth was created by ‘Family Memoirs’ by William Stukeley. This has been later used in many fictional novels that spread rapidly.

4. China Wall By Prisoners

Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know
Top 5 China Wall Things You Should Know

It was constructed not by the regular laborers but the convicted from the Qin Dynasty. The people who are punished under different criminal activity were appointed to build this wall.

Many historians estimate that 400,000 prisoners died when they worked for China Wall construction.

5. Has Many Names

The wall has been called using different names. We know it as ‘The Great Wall of China’ and consequently, it was initially called ‘Long Wall’. It was later denoted using different names like ‘The Chinese Wall’, ‘The Long Wall’, and so on.

These are the interesting facts you should know about the China Wall. In conclusion, if you have not visited this wonder yet, make sure you book your tickets this vacation. It is an amazing architecture every human should admire.

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