The Wonders Of The Ancient World – Seven Wonders Of The Ancient Worlds

seven wonders of ancient worlds

Edward Said was one of the most influential writers in the late 20th century, and his writings have inspired many people including George Bernard Shaw and Martin Luther King. He was born in Murray, Utah. He attended Harvard University and worked for the Peace Corps in New York. After that he taught at Yale University and then in Paris. In this book, Said covers topics ranging from The Bible to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Rome and Greece.

Information In Book

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According to this book, all these civilizations had their own form of art, religion and architecture, and they also managed to produce advanced technology. They created such marvels as the pyramids of Egypt and the colossal temples of India. The civilizations of the ancient world also produced some of the most influential philosophers and scientists of all times.

Book Includes Achievements Of Alexander

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Said’s book also includes the achievements of Alexander the great in Greece. He is particularly proud of his role in the Trojan War. After that, he went on to conquer Egypt, and in the process managed to turn the fortunes of the Greek city of Troy. He was responsible also for the discovery of the Americas. There is no doubt that he was a great leader who had a profound effect on the course of the Greek and Roman empires. His achievements are well evidenced by the fact that he is given the Order of the Legion of the Holy Cross.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a very interesting book because it is written in a lucid style. The author shows the reader how important each discovery is to the progress of humanity. We often hear how different cultures shaped different men and women, but rarely do we get to discover what these cultures actually were. For example, according to Said there was only one culture of the ancient world that practiced cannibalism, and that society was the Egyptian. This book therefore provides a unique view into a previously unknown part of human history.

Diagrams Of Important Cities

The book also consists of a diagram showing the most important cities of the seven wonders of the ancient worlds. The diagram is divided into North, South, East, West and Central Asia, which represent the four continents of the ancient world. It is interesting to note that while all the continents appear fairly similar geographically, the different directions of the continents have a profound impact on how the people of the various countries colonized the lands. For instance, Africa and America are quite close to each other, yet they are completely different in their political structure, social systems and cultures.


However, for all its faults, the book still remains a must-read for people interested in learning about the ancient world and in particular in exploring the seven wonders of the ancient worlds. Hilling does an excellent job of presenting some of these wonders and makes them very accessible to modern eyes. The book is therefore recommended to readers who are interested in ancient civilizations and also in exploring the wonders that can be found in them. Furthermore, Hilling provides a very nice introduction to those who are already familiar with such wonders and offers them a very easy way to get started with their own personal exploration of the ancient world.

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