The Woes Of The World: All About World

The Woes Of The World: All About World

It is said that the Lord (God) created all things in six days, all of which are under the control of his order, and therefore as each day passes, the powers of the world dwindle. That is to say, man’s ability diminishes in comparison to what the Lord has granted to man, and the Lord watches over us. This is a truth I have always believed in since I was a small child. Let’s discuss the woes of the world.

Two Major Woes Of The World

There were always two major Woes of the World: the abuse of our children and the neglect of the poor. You may be surprised at how hard it is to combat these two problems, which you may not even realize are two separate problems, yet they are the same. Let’s discuss those two together.

The Woes Of The World: All About World
The Woes Of The World: All About World

Lack Of The Principles And Moral Integrity

Children are given a new beginning, a perfect, healthy start. Their potentialities are shaped by their parents, giving them all of their food, shelter, education, and security. They are called to serve the Lord, which most parents take to heart and do so. If they lack the principles and moral integrity to do so, it’s only their fault, and their parents are accountable for their failure.

Parents Are Fail To Provide Them Facility

However, the conditions for these young people are worsening. They live in poverty and struggle in school, losing hope, trying to get by. This is because we, as parents, fail to provide enough food, clothing, shelter, and education. We also fail to teach them the teachings of God, which are essential for them to live by.

Find It Impossible To Go To School

What will happen to the children who fail to show their needs? Will their parents find it too difficult to feed them? Will they find it impossible to go to school?

Poor And Abused Children: Woes Of The World

This unfortunate aspect of the world is just one of the many tragic elements of the world today. But it doesn’t stop there. Think about how much more it would cost to get help from outside the country for these children? The cost of getting the poor and abused children treated for their psychological or physical abuse is enormous.

Different Way Of Living: Woes Of The World

These children are thrown into a new world and learn a different way of living, but they don’t get a chance to grow into the person God has made them be. They are not exposed to God’s ways, so no matter how much we love them, they lose that love in comparison to what God has for them.

Have Faith In God: Woes Of The World

The new child born from a woman who has been faithful to the Lord and has submitted herself to him is given a fresh start in life. She is blessed with hope and with a new purpose in life. She is given a chance to serve her Maker and to improve the condition of those around her. Also, she is taught what is right and what is wrong and can make a difference in others’ lives.

Suffer Neglected: Woes Of The World

It is a terrible plight that those who suffer neglect are those who can least afford it. And the people who could do something about it are those who do nothing and allow the poor to suffer.

The Woes Of The World: All About World
The Woes Of The World: All About World

Provide Necessary Structure And Safety

A mother who is denied the opportunity to give her child a better life is indeed living a life that is wasted. A father who does nothing to provide the structure and safety necessary for a child to grow up into a responsible adult will live that life as well. This is only one of the Woes of the World.

Life Of A Poor Person

A young man or woman who suffers the neglect of parents will never reach their full potential, and it will surely be as short-lived as the life of a poor person. It is not fair to victims, but it is a truth that must be faced and, if necessary, corrected.

Bottom Line

There is a great deal of suffering in the world, but there is also a great deal of suffering that can be eliminated by bringing light to the pain, and righteousness to the wicked. As a Christian, I look forward to helping those who suffer, and so will you.

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