The Seven Modern Wonders Of The World

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Seven Modern Wonders of the World was once known as the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. At that time, it was said that each country on earth had one of these wonders. Today, all nations but China have only one. That is why I think we all have fewer Seven Wonders of the World than we did in the past.

The Taj Mahal In India And The Statue Of Liberty In The Usa

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The Natural Wonders of the World can be divided into two groups; ancient and new. The ancient world has Seven Natural Wonders while the new world has Seven Modern Wonders. Some of the new Seven Wonders of the World were not even around when the humans came into existence. These are like the Taj Mahal in India or the Statue of Liberty in the USA. Both of them were created long before man existed. We have become so dependent on things that were created in the ancient world and yet barely in the new world.

Egyptian Pyramids – One Of The Seven Modern Wonders Of The World

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In the area of Seven Wonders of the World, the list includes the Egyptian Pyramids, the Giza pyramids, the colossal statues of the Etruscans in Italy, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Egypt, the Hermitage in Russia, the Artemisia in Greece, the colossal Easter Island sculpture, the Maya in Guatemala, the Hypogeum in Hawaii, the statue of the Lady of the Lake in Scotland and the Venus de Milo in Paris, France. All these marvels were created during the ancient periods. However, there is a famous sculpture in the area of the Ancient Wonders of the World that I shall mention in this article.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

The greatest wonder of the ancient world is the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is almost fifteen hundred years old. It is the last surviving example of a building construction using masonry. Its construction was planned by Menes the builder according to the architectural plans carved on the sides by the builder’s wife. It took four and a half thousand years for the Great Pyramid to be finished, and at the moment it is the tallest freestanding structure in the world.

I have a fun fact for you; the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as all the other seven modern wonders of the world were constructed during the prehistoric times. Before man existed on earth, all these wonders were constructed by creatures that existed on the Earth. For example, all those carvings, which are still visible on the sides of the Great Pyramid, are the work of prehistoric creatures. You might also like to know that according to Joseph Smith the animals represented on the sides of the Great Pyramid were actually the same animals that existed on the early earth. The Egyptians also built their pyramids in a similar way as did the ancient Egyptians.

The Great Wall Of China

On a lighter side, let me bring up another seven modern wonders in the news: the Great Wall of China. The Chinese have been building forts along the wall for centuries, and they have used different materials along the way. However, the most famous wall that they have built is the one that stretches from east to west and from north to south. It was built over ten thousand years ago and has by now covered an area of two thousand square kilometers, making it the largest wall in the world. It took a while, but thanks to the efforts of the Chinese people the wall is still standing.

So that was just a bit of the history of the seven modern wonders of the world. Now, let me tell you about the last one. Legend has it that the picture of a man dressed in white who is sitting on a white horse riding a panther through the woods was inspired by the Virgin Mary. When the Spanish Conquistadors came to live in the southwestern part of the country, they started a practice of taking a lot of pictures of the country. When they reached Cusco they decided to put all of them together in a book and call it Picchu de Indura. If you are looking for a picture of the greatest natural disaster in the last hundred years then I would recommend giving this book a read.

Final Words

All of the seven natural wonders I have mentioned are incredible places to visit. If I were to make a list of the things that I would take back with me I would include the Grand Canyon, the Maya ruin sites, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Rockies. The list would make for an awesome vacation, or even a family vacation home in the mountains. Anybody who has seen all of these places can vouch for the beauty of each of them. They are simply too wonderful to be left alone.

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