The Last Surviving Wonder Of The Ancient World

last surviving wonder of the ancient world

History has its ways of amazing the world. Be it any field of the world like science, art, or architecture, the remains that still stand strong to this date provide a guide to the next round of innovations. One such structure that marvels the field of architecture, coming straight from the ancient world is the Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are the last surviving wonders of the ancient world and continue to amaze scientists and onlookers by inviting speculations about how they were built. Here are some of the interesting facts surrounding the three Pyramids of Giza.

The Oldest Of The Last Surviving Wonder Of The Ancient World

A close up of an old building

These pyramids of Giza are the oldest structures as well as the ones holding the record among the other wonders, remaining intact for the longest time with only a limited number of damages. The list for such structures includes the Olympian statue of Zeus, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the Colossus of Rhodes. But some of these structures are partly, while the others are completely damaged.

Not Alone

A close up of an old building

The three pyramids of Egypt, known by the names of Cheops which is the great one, Mycerinus, and Chephren are not the only pyramid structures in the ancient land of Egypt. There have been more than one hundred and thirty such pyramids found scattered around the country along with these last surviving wonder of the ancient world.

Composition And Building Process Of The Last Surviving Wonder Of The Ancient World

The majestic structure is still wondered for its brilliant accuracy in terms of architecture as well as the impossible-looking building process. The structures are estimated to be constructed using stone blocks around the number of two million with each block weighing between two to fifty tones. There is an estimation that several approximately one hundred thousand people would have been involved in the construction process. However, the process of construction remains a mystery with no concrete evidence still found. The complexity involved with such heavyweights during such ancient times invites a lot of speculation about the build-up process.

The Damage

The last surviving wonder of the ancient world, the three pyramids in Giza were once covered under a layer of highly polished and glittering limestone that reflected off the sunlight. This covering has unfortunately worn off as a result of constant exposure to the weather, jerks of earthquakes, and taken away for other construction purposes. The remaining ones have been reduced to rubble as a result of natural activities.

Exceptional Architectural Intelligence Exemplified

The Egyptian knowledge in various fields was way ahead of their times. This fact is well represented by the architecture and engineering of the pyramids as the corners of the pyramid foundations have been constructed in a ball and socket joint formation. This has been done to provide a counterbalance in the times of earthquakes.


In the end, the mystery and the excellence of the Pyramids of Egypt are what attracts tourists, scientists, and architects around the world to Giza. As a structure surviving this much time with minimal damages it also provides a good load of inspiration for the future of creations.

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