The Genius of the Ancient World by Bettany Evans – A Short Introduction to Buddha

Genius of the Ancient World

The Genius of the Ancient World is a book about history that anyone who has studied or taught history can appreciate. Historian Bettany Hughes wrote it, and the author is a fan of history and all its great people.

How Is Genius Of The Ancient World?

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Historian Bettany takes us to China, India, and Greece on the path of three great philosophers: Buddha, Socrates, and Buddha’s rival, Confucius. Each of these philosophers created a new world of thought. In addition to these people, Bettany also includes many lesser-known people who shaped human history. This book contains a lot of biographical information about these important figures.

Buddha is perhaps the most famous and the first person we see. He was born into the royal family in India at the same time as Socrates. As they both pursued higher education, they were part of the first generation of educated men. Buddha was the first of these men. He wrote a book called The Diamond Sutra that was translated into Greek and then into Sanskrit.

Buddha also believed that knowledge is bliss. He said that the true nature of reality could not be found through the five senses. His followers were quite upset with his teachings and tried to destroy him. This was a significant setback for the founder of Buddhism, as he believed that only through meditation and dedication could you attain enlightenment.

What Is The Role Of Confucius In This Book?

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In this book, the next person we hear from is Confucius, whom Bettany describes as the wisest man in the first century B.C. The people of China believed Confucius to be the greatest philosopher. Confucius is a very famous historical figure, but he is also very controversial. He was an influential political leader and even a great thinker.

He was born into a wealthy family, yet his father abandoned him when he was very young, making him look out for himself and taking up on a mission of teaching what he knew about government, which he accomplished by becoming a teacher in a temple. As he grew up, his teachings and thoughts became more sophisticated, but he never lost his heart for education.

The Genius of the Ancient World also contains a great deal of information on the Warring States Period period. This period was very chaotic, and people were fighting for control of various parts of China. Confucius and his fellow teachers were very influential during this time, but they always maintained a positive outlook and encouraged peace. Their teachings helped to create the concept of Buddhism.

What Did Buddha Teach Through This Book?

Buddha taught that there was a “Self” that existed outside of our thoughts and feelings. It exists within us and can only be discovered and understood by meditation.

Buddhas’ way of life is the same. We all have a “Self,” and it is the same inside and out, even when we are mad or depressed. We can transform our inner “Self” and become happier and more fulfilled individuals if we practice meditation and follow Buddha’s teachings.

Final Words

We need to put in a lot of effort to learn about the ancient world and Buddha’s ideas. You will learn a lot about the past, but more importantly, you will acknowledge how to use it to achieve happiness and success today. So if you haven’t read this book before, why not give it a try?

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