The Beauty Of Petra And Its History

The Beauty Of Petra And Its History

The beauty of Petra can be seen in its large number of visitors every year. The place holds the first rank for most visits for people, and its annual visitor count is higher than that of many cities in Egypt.

Civilization Of King Seleucus Nicator

This place also has a significant historical past. The civilization of King Seleucus Nicator, during his rule, is believed to have unearthed the largest ancient settlement in the world at Petra.

The Beauty Of Petra And Its History
The Beauty Of Petra And Its History

Site Of Great Wealth: Beauty Of Petra

During this period, when the Roman Empire was expanding, the city had been recognized as a site for great wealth, as well as a place of refuge for the Romans. It was also mentioned in various sources, including Herodotus’s description of his visit.

Vast Number Of Precious Stones

The city’s vast wealth and significance were revealed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who gave it great importance in their geographical charts. Ancient writings talk about Petra as a natural storehouse for a vast number of precious stones, and it has also been the site of a treasure vault.

First Home-Rule Government

When Roman forces had destroyed the Jewish temple, it is repaired and was adorned by the Seleucids in Biblical times. Its importance was also mentioned by Josephus, who wrote about the city’s role in the conquest of the northern part of the land. Moreover, the city also played a significant role in establishing the first home-rule government in the region.

Alexander And Cleopatra: Beauty Of Petra

The Greek emperors, known as Alexander and Cleopatra, are believed to have visited Petra when they were looking for the Silk Road. It was also where Cleopatra herself took refuge, after her death.

Know About The Civilization Of The Place

All these facts have given this place a lot of importance in the annals of history. Archaeologists have always attempted to document this history, to help us know more about the civilization of this place.

Archaeological Sites And Building

These days, archaeological sites and buildings of Petra are found in an undetermined number of places. But most Of them are still situated close to the site where the Temple of Bel once stood.

Wadi Sayd El Tayin: Beauty Of Petra

One of the essential structures of ancient times is the Wadi Sayd El Tayin (Royal Fishery), which still stands today. These days, it is just a small piece of land on the banks of the river, next to Petra.

The Beauty Of Petra And Its History
The Beauty Of Petra And Its History

Legend Of Wadi Percy: Beauty Of Petra

The Tigris River was the source of water in the area until the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. The excavation of many other prominent structures gave rise to the legend of Wadi Percy. Yet, with the invention of modern agricultural techniques, this source has been completely taken away.

Tourist Attraction

Today, visitors can see the remains of the main structures, which still stand today. Besides, it has also become a tourist attraction, because of its regular visit by many people from all over the world.

Bottom Line

For its beauty, as well as its rich history, Petra’s place is a place where you can spend your holidays. You can plan a visit for your family or friends and enjoy its beauty, as well as the history that surrounds it.

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