The 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

Natural Wonders of the World

Do you know about seven natural wonders of the world? Seven Natural Wonders is basically an organization launched in 2008 with the aim of promoting and also guarding the natural wonders.

The list of 7 natural wonders of the world includes:

Mount Everest 

natural wonders of the world
The 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

Mount Everest is the highest spot on the planet which is 8,848 meters above sea level. It shares borders between Nepal and Tibet and where it holds its respective names Sagarmatha and Chomolungma. In 1865, the spot got its English name ‘Everest’ from the British Surveyor General of India of that time, Andrew Waugh who took the name of his predecessor Sir George Everest.

Well, the first attempt to reach the Mount Everest peak was made by the English mountaineers who used the Tibetan side to escalate from the north ridge route. The then 1922 expedition and the subsequent 1924 expedition made the record of pushing the humans above 8,000 m for the first time. However, it was in 1953 when the first official ascent the summit was made by Edmund Hillary as well as Tenzing Norgay.

Grand Canyon

This steep-sided canyon situated in Arizona in the United States is a famous gorge extending 446 km in length and up to 29 km in width. With a depth of more than a mile, the Grand Canyon is contained with the Kaibab National Forest along with Grand Canyon National Park and Native American reservations.

Well, most of the canyon’s area was inhabited by Native Americans including the Pueblo people who regarded it as a holy site. Since then, the canyon has been preserved by inhabitants of later centuries including President Theodore Roosevelt who visited it on several occasions. In 1540, García López de Cárdenas from Spain observed the canyon, making him the first European to do so.

Rio De Janeiro

The list of natural wonders also includes the famous harbor of Rio De Janeiro located in Brazil. Surrounding by granite mountains as a result of erosion from the Atlantic Ocean, the bay has over 130 islands dotting it. The harbor is famous for Christ the Redeemer statue that stands tall at its foreground. Well, the bay which was once a good whaling ground has only a few species left today. 

Victoria Falls

With their width of about 5,604 ft., the Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in this world. It plunges 354 feet down on South Africa’s Zambezi River and is very visually striking. The falls have 6 principal gorges including the first gorge extending up to fifth along with the Songwe Gorge which is 2.1 miles long. It is due to its visual appearance and for been the largest sheet of falling water, the falls are listed in seven natural wonders of the world list.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef holding the reputation of the largest reef system in the world lies in the Coral Sea in Queensland, Australia. The reef is composed of more than 2,900 discrete reefs as well as 900 islands stretching over an area of about 133,000 square miles. Well, the reef has been made of loads of living organisms called coral polyps.

Paricutin Volcano

natural wonders of the world
The 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

Paricutin volcano resides in the state of Michoacán in Mexico. In 1943, the volcano suddenly formed on a cornfield of a local former. It continued expanding in the subsequent years and was eventually erupted in 19522. Although it is no longer active today, it still holds a place in the list of natural wonders.

Aurora Borealis

Sometimes called northern lights as well as polar lights, Aurora Borealis is a natural visual phenomenon of light seen in the sky from the Arctic and Antarctic regions. This unique occurrence is a sight to behold which is truly magnificent.

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