Taj Mahal – The Seventh Wonder Of The World

Taj Mahal - The Seventh Wonder Of World


Taj Mahal is one of the great Indian historical monuments that attract people from all over the world. It is a white marble ivory crypt located on the south bank of Yamuna River. The Yamuna river passes through Agra, a city of Uttar Pradesh in India. The Mughal monarch Shah Jahan specially made Taj Mahal to the house of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. She was gorgeous and eye-catching and greatly lovable to the king Shah Jahan. Moreover, the mausoleum is a focus, pride, and joy of 17 hectares. It is located far away from Agra castle. It is highly attractive and greatest tombstone in the world. Taj Mahal is mentioned as 7th wonder of the world.

Taj Mahal - The Seventh Wonder Of World
Taj Mahal – The Seventh Wonder Of World

It is also acknowledged as a symbol of love and commitment of the Mughal Shah Jahan to Mumtaz Mahal. Thousands of workers constructed Taj Mahal in many years. A lot of funds used for getting the Taj primed.


It is not just the largest visitor magnetism; also it is a well-recognized paradigm of the Mughal architecture. In contrast, It is recognized as “most eminent sepulchre in the world”. Since 1983, Taj has affirmed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architectural Beauty of Taj Mahal

The immensity of structure then shaped was such great. Meanwhile it is yellowing but still, it is known as one of the most eye-catching man-made tombstones, even after decades of its formation. The formations alongside Taj also added to the architectural beauty of Taj Mahal and inventive speculate of the place.

The whole Taj consists of five most important components that are: Darwaza, Masjid, Bageecha, Naqqar Khana, and Rauza.

  • Darwaza (main entrance),
  • Masjid (Mosque),
  • Bageecha (garden),
  • Naqqar Khana (rest house), and
  • Rauza (main tomb).

A fainted entombment tomb inside the Taj houses the tombs of Mumtaz Mahal, who buried there after death.

Taj Mahal - The Seventh Wonder Of World
Taj Mahal – The Seventh Wonder Of World

In addition, the original door of this enormous sandstone entrance made of indestructible silver. The workers constructed a door to prevent people from receiving any quick look of the tomb. As per the architectural design, people can only look at the tomb when they are right in the tomb itself. On the other hand, the central tomb of it stands on a square podium. The square podium elevated 50 meters higher than the riverbank. The dirt used to level the podium to prevent leakage from Yamuna River. It also had some amazing samples of polychrome decorated art on both internal and external cenotaphs, dados and the marble. Moreover, Semi-precious stones dexterously inlaid by the workers in both tombs. On the other hand, Calligraphic messages of Allah are there on the sides of genuine crypt of Mumtaz Mahal.

Most importantly, It has achieved global fame as the seventh wonder of the world. 

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