Story Of The Ancient Roman World Map

ancient roman world map

Geography held a special place in the Roman civilization, those people were found of discovering new places, this is why most of the world maps in the ancient world were created by the geographer in Rome. One of those geographers was Claudius Ptolemy left a deep impact on modern-day geography and mapping techniques.

Who Was Claudius Ptolemy?

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Claudius Ptolemy, the second-century geographer who is known as the father of modern geography. He was an Egyptian who lived in the Roman empire and had a huge impact on ancient roman world maps and paved the path for many famous explorations. 16th-century geographers used Ptolemy’s maps as a base for their maps and even till this day his mapping techniques are used in Google maps. 

Ptolemy didn’t just master the art of geography, but he also had a deep knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and astrology. But beyond any doubt, he was best known for his geographical work.

Details In Roman Maps

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The maps that were drawn in the old world usually didn’t have the new world included in them as the American continents were unknown to the people of Europe. But since Europe was well connected to Asia and Africa, so these ancient European maps included most places that are found in a modern-day world map.

These maps had a lot had details in them about places located in Europe, Arabia, and the middle east, but they didn’t use to have much detailing or accurate land map of places like China, India, and Southeast Asia as these places were far away from mainland Europe and weren’t well explored by Europeans until the colonization era.

These maps also didn’t use to have details in them about most of the land that was is part of Russia these days as most of this land was covered in ice and didn’t have any civilization or empire located on it. So there were no significant economical or political benefits of discovering that empty landmass as compared to discovering parts of India, China, or Africa.


Knowledge of mapping and geography was critical for Romans as it had played a significant role in Rome’s conquests and trading, and even helped to form strategic relations with other kingdoms. Traces of these ancient maps can be seen in modern-day maps as well. 

It was this geographical knowledge that helped the Europeans to figure out what were the places out there to conquer or trade with. That ultimately, left a deep mark on world history as most of the modern-day nations look exactly as they were formed by the European colonialization powers on the world map.

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