Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World You Didn’t Know About

Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The seven wonders of the ancient world show the human thirst for engineering genius, dedication, and application of architectural knowledge. The construction of these classical monuments happened in various parts of the world under different eras. The need for that time had a different purpose for building these monuments. Some of them were tomb while others were temples glorifying their respective deities. Some kings even made large structures of their own replica to make a name on the global scene.  However, many of these wonders are destroyed over the years.

Statue Of Zeus: Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

This wonder was sculpted in 450 Bc by an Athenian sculptor, Phidias. The statue was 40 feet tall, made out of pure ivory and gold. Though there are no visual representations of this wonder, the accreditation of Phidias gives solid proof of it. The Christians destroyed the statue completely in the 5th and 6th centuries. The ancient world timeline will always remember these ancient wonders.

Best Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
Best Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The Mausoleum Of Maussollos

A 135 feet high mausoleum was built at Halicarnassus in the year 351 BC. It had sculptures of roman soldiers battling in the four walls which itself were a unique masterpiece. Several earthquakes affecting the region destroyed this wonder over the years. European invaders destroyed it completely in the year 1494.

Lighthouse Of Alexandria Is A Known Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

This marvel built in the third century BC remained one of the tallest manmade structures for many years. Located in Egypt, It stood 440 feet tall which had a big mirror placed inside to make it visible from long distances deep into the sea.

The Temple Artemis

The temple of Artemis, built at Ephesus as a dedication to the Greek goddess Artemis. Built-in the year 550 BCE, the temple stood above 400 feet in the air. King Croesus built the temple. While a man named Herostratus burnt it down to remain in the books of history.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

If there is one wonder from the ancient world that we all know is The Great Pyramid Of Giza. Built around 4000 years ago and is still intact after so many years of invasion. It also remains the tallest manmade structure until the year 1311 AD. The construction of Lincoln Cathedral in England made a new record.

Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World: The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon 

A king named Nebuchadnezzar II who constructed this wonder for his wife made it to the wonders of the ancient world. It had an ascending step filled with gardens containing a variety of shrubs and vines. However, there is no documentation to validate this wonder of the ancient world.

Beautiful Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
Beautiful Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The Colossus Of Rhodes Deserved To Be A Wonder

People of Greece believe in the Greek God of Sun, Helios. The same devotion leads to the construction of Colossus. Constructed in the year 280 BC, in the city of Rhodes. It only remained for 54 years. A massive earthquake destroyed the Colossus. There are no remains of this wonder.


Various invaders tried to demolish the names of these monuments but their extraordinary structures made them what they deserved. 

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