Recent Fascinating Findings Revealed By Study Of Ancient Civilization

study of ancient civilizations

Recent Fascinating Findings Revealed By Study Of Ancient Civilization

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Human civilization has undergone drastic and fast-paced changes in the last few decades. In the present times, we are witnessing a wide range of technological advancements. We are adopting modern day to day lifestyles constantly and gradually. New societal norms are formed daily, cultural and societal rules are formed to make human society much more civilized and to ensure that all humans get equal rights and resources. Despite such drastic positive changes in civilization and society, human beings always felt a thirst for understanding and knowing their past details. This has led to historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists’ daily quests to find out more about ancient civilizations, their day-to-day life, religious practices, societal norms, etc. Their constant quests and hard work helped us know much about human civilization’s history and to know about our ancestral past.

The Significant Findings:

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Recently, historians and archaeologists’ dedicated work revealed many interesting new facts about human civilization’s history. Let’s shed light on these important and interesting historical findings.

A refugee settlement of Japanese Canadian refugees has been discovered, which dates back to the 20th century in the British Colombian forest. This was hidden from human eyes for a long time. The settlement consisted of gardens, baths, houses, shine, and water reservoirs. The archaeologists presumed that the settlements were inhabited by Japanese Canadian refugees who took shelter here due to the’ oppression during World War II.

Recently archaeologists have unearthed the skull of an 18-month-old infant and a six or 9-month-old infant who was a member of Ecuador’s Guangala culture dating back to 100 BC. The infant skull was found wearing a helmet. But the shocking thing was that the skulls were made up of skulls of other children. This led to many speculations and hypotheses regarding the reason for wearing such a skull among the archaeologists. Many archaeologists and historians thought that such helmets might be a part of religious or cultural rituals that they practiced at that time, while others thought that the helmet was some kind of protection for the child. But the real reason remains unknown, and archaeologists are working tirelessly to gather more information about the same.

Recently archaeologists have been able to find a kit that belonged to a sorcerer containing many beautiful dolls, amulets, gems, carved scarab beetles, etc. This is presumed to help the sorcerer in fortune-telling, conducting various kinds of rituals such as fertility rituals, attracting good luck, etc.

Archaeologists have discovered a witch bottle dated back to the 18th century in English Chimney. The witch bottle consisted of human teeth, human hair, nails, thorns, and even urine. These witch bottles are assumed to be used as protective charms by people then.

Untouched Mayan artifacts, which are extremely valuable, have been found at Chichén Itzá, situated at Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, which is essential proof supporting the cave life that Mayans used to live.


Thus, through this article, we explored many recent historical findings that we have come across. In the future, we hope to share more such interesting findings with the readers.

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