Philadelphia Museum Of Art And Other Tourist Attractions

philadelphia museums

This City of Brotherly Love has a number of museums that are world famous. Many people flock to this beautiful city just to take in some of the sights that Philadelphia has to offer. The City of Brotherly Love has more than a few attractions that people can see. From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the U.S. Stamp Museum and the Franklin Institute, there is more to see than just the monuments and historical buildings.

More About Philadelphia

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The City of Brotherly Love also is home to a number of other cultural offerings: here are some of the most amazing Philadelphia museums. No visit to this lovely City is ever complete without at least some of the finest Philadelphia museums. If people visit Philadelphia they must see these museums – it is part of what makes Philadelphia a tourist’s paradise. Even if people don’t go out of their way to visit the Museum of Art or the Science Museum, they will definitely be sure to make it a point to go to one or more of these museums while they are in the City.

The Guggenheim Museum is one of the largest museums in the world. There are virtually thousands of objects on display. There is a permanent exhibition hall where you can see the entire history of the world through the works of eminent artists. There is also a free parking lot and entrance in both directions of the Guggenheim Museum. Of course, admission is free. In addition to this, there are numerous exhibits and special events that occur regularly.

Museum Of Art And Design

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Other popular museums in Philadelphia are the Museum of Arts & Design, which are a great place for people who like to think about art. Here you will find modern art as well as original art. Another great attraction is the Franklin Institute, which was founded by John Franklin. Here you will learn about the early American and European cultures.

There are also many cultural activities to be seen here, including lectures by famous speakers and musical theater.

For people who enjoy history, the Museum of Arts & Design is the right place to go. Here you will find an impressive collection of modern art. Another must-visit is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here you will see masterpieces from many different periods.

Great Selection For The Source

For people who love to shop, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has a great selection of stores. There is a large variety of merchandise available, including rare and unique items. There are also street fairs and community festivals that are held regularly. During these events, you will find some fabulous deals to be found.

Summing Up

It is no wonder why people from all around the world visit Philadelphia. The city’s rich history and arts will captivate you and help you realize that the arts aren’t just for kids anymore. These museums will also help you get a clear picture of what the city is really all about. There is more to see and do in Philadelphia than just these museums.

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