Overview of Ancient Civilization World Map


When we take the ancient map, it is a record for us. Not only that with the old map, but we can also know the life of our ancestors. The study of ancient civilization gives us a glimpse. Because there we can learn a lot of new information. The earliest world map occurred between the 6th and 5th centuries BCE. The different lakes, seas, rivers, oceans are visible in the map, and it shows how it is linked with one another. The Mediterranean Sea and the African continent are covered by a part of the world that is also notable in cartography. The map is evidence of the ancient people’s knowledge of the earth’s interior, and they depicted animal figures. And they held a record by statues and carved inscriptions, thus why the expert thinks that the earth’s climate is related to the shape of the world map. The world map was known as a geographical indicator in the 13th century. 

Availability of the Ancient World Map

These world maps can be seen in museums and public collections. We can know many destroyed places and joined districts or villages through the map, and most of the maps were drawn in stone. With the help of technology, we have a map in our hands, and it will take us to the spot. But those days the ancient people used maps as a navigator. Through the ancient civilization world map, we can learn about the lifestyle, people, work (what they did), cultures of the older people. 

Major parts


On the map, significant parts of the world are represented. The prominent places are Europe, Africa, and Asia. The oceans surrounded the earth, and seas split North and South America. Rivers, seas, forests, and mountains also could be found on the map. Sometimes they had crossed them to the spot because they did not have roads or vehicles to travel and trade in those days. 

Ancient Civilization 

Civilization means development. Ancient civilization implies the development and status of the older people then, which becomes essential for the product. For example, man is the evolution of monkeys, which is the main illustration that has been read by every child in their primary school stage. Ancient Egyptians are well-known for astronomy who built a telescope. Pyramids of Egypt stands for astronomy; because they are skilled and have a great understanding of mathematics and astronomy, leading them to develop writing and navigation. 

Four Major Oldest Civilization 

There are four major oldest civilizations. They are: Egyptian civilization (3150 BC- 30BC), Indus valley (3300 BC-1900 BC), Mayan ancient civilization (2600BC- 900 AD), and Mesopotamian civilization. The Mesopotamian is the first civilization among the four ancient civilizations in the Middle East, and the period of Mesopotamia in 3500 BC to 500 BC. 

Around the bank of the River Nile in Egypt is the ancient civilization of the actual site. The pyramids, pharaohs, and mummies sphinx are well-known constructions of the Egyptian period. Indus valley covered 1.25 million km around Afghanistan’s northeast area to Pakistan and northeast India. 


Through the ancient civilization, we can know there were many religions, beliefs, and various cultures followed.

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