Museums In Austin Can Excite And Flabbergast You

museums in austin

Do you love knowing about museums in Austin? And want to grab some knowledge out of them? Come here!

An add on to housing prestigious working of art, Museums in Austin has their own stories. Together, they personify the unofficial slogan of the city, “Keep Austin Weird, ” Celebrating the unique and eclectic spirit of Austin city.

Most of the museums in Austin are of small or midsize. But they totally lack in size and makeup for plain diversity.

Some museums focus on African-American and Latino artists while showcasing upcoming and avant-garde artists.

So, here is a list of museums in Austin that you should know about, and if you ever visit Austin, definitely go to the museums.

List Of Museums In Austin

1. Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum: Museums In Austin

A room filled with furniture and a book shelf

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum is a three-story museum that tells about the story of Texas from historic times to the present.

With the use of interactive displays, short films, audio recordings, and dioramas, the museum tells how three major industries – oil, cotton, and ranching – have played important roles in the evolution of state.

People can even watch an IMAX movie at the museum. Both major motion and historical films get featured at the theater.

2. Harry Ransom Center: Museums In Austin

A view of a large building

Among various museums in Austin, Harry Ransom Center is a center of attraction for many tourists. The holdings of museums are so large that they can only showcase a little percent of it for a limited time period.

If you want to go for a more fascinating view of the museum’s collections, you need to spend some time at the windows exhibit on the 1st floor.

Two high-profile treasures of the museum are the first photograph and Gutenberg Bible.

3. Elisabet Ney Museum

Elisabet Ney Museum is the castle-like house, which is full of Elisabet Ney sculptures, who moved on to Austin City in the year 1892. And then she prepared sculptures of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, besides her German homelands luminaries.

The collection includes life-sized statues and several busts. The other exhibits of the museum explain the sculptures of buildings – showcasing a variety of museums in Austin.

4. Blanton Museum of Art: Museums In Austin

Among all the museums in Austin, the Blanton Museum of Art is considered as the most leading art Museums in the metropolitan area.

The Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art has an enormous collection comprising 17000 more works, including contemporary and modern Latin America and American Art.

5. O. Henry Museum

The O. Henry Museum exhibits and artifacts exploring the lifetime journey of the writer William Sydney Porter.

At one time, the same building had served him as his home and now also contains few original furniture.

Conclusion On Museums In Austin

All these interesting museums in Austin are much more beautiful from every inside corner.

If you ever plan a trip to Austin, don’t forget to step down at these wonderful museums in Austin!

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