Mount Everest Facts: One Of The Natural Wonders

Mount Everest Facts: One Of The Natural Wonders

Mount Everest, the highest mountain is situated in the Himalayas’ sub-range called Mahalangur Himal. The Nepal and Tiber borders lie across the summit of the mountain. This is due to this reason the mountain has its own name given by both regions i.e. Sagarmatha by Nepal and Chomolungma by China. Well, Mount Everest also finds a prominent place in the ‘natural wonders of the world list. Thanks to its gigantic elevation of about 29,029 feet. Find out more facts about this spectacular mountain range.

Mount Everest Is Millions Of Years Old

According to scientists, the formation of Mount Everest dates back to 50-60 million years. The collision of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates resulted in an upward force which eventually pushed the rocks up and resulted in the mountains. Scientists claim that the force has been in existence since then, working constantly to push up the mountain’s summit to ¼ inch annually.

Mount Everest Facts: Natural Wonders
Mount Everest Facts: One Of The Natural Wonders

Talking about its composition, the mountain consists of a wide range of materials including marble, shale, and limestone.

Hostile Environment Up There

The summit of the mountain has just one-third of the air pressure that is available at the sea level. This is why mountaineers can’t breathe in a good amount of oxygen at the summit. Plus, it is dangerous for a human body to remain above 19,000 feet as per scientists. Such an altitude presents great health risks such as frostbite and cerebral edema. To sum up, besides being one of the famous natural wonders, Everest has a hostile environment too.

The Early Expeditions 

The world’s highest mountain and one of the famous natural wonders have attracted many climbing attempts to date. The early expedition is said to have happened in 1924 though this news stays without affirmation. This is because mountaineers never returned back from there. Well, the early attempts have supposed to be made by George Mallory and George Finch, the latter of whom became the first individual to climb above 8,000 m. After this, many attempts were made and the first successful attempt occurred in May 1953 when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay created a record. They climbed via the South Col route and earned several honors for their successful mission. Well, the first woman to hit the peak was Junko Tabei of Japan who made her successful attempt in 1975.

Climbing The Mount Everest

As already stated above, Everest has less oxygen which definitely makes climbing full of risks. This hasn’t stop climbers making attempts. Well, the mountain is said to have 18 diverse climbing routes. Mountaineers have to be 18 years or older and younger than 60 to climb the mountain from the Chinese side. Nepal permits people to climb the summit who are 16 years or older. Well, the duration of the expedition is 39-40 days. The cost of the expedition is said to be at least 30,000 USD.

Further, special boots with spikes are used for climbing. Other essential mountain climbing tools and accessories include ropes, cords, ice ax, crampons, harness, carabiner system, and ascender, to name a few. Special clothing is used for keeping climbers warm. Bottled oxygen is used generally above 7,000m. Talking about the climbing season, it is generally safe to climb in May and September.

One Of The Natural Wonders
Mount Everest Facts: One Of The Natural Wonders

It is important to note that climbers can face several health issues while climbing. This includes hypothermia, nausea, blood issues, fatigue, and frostbite.

Everest & The ‘Death’ Factor

The risk of death is said to be above 8,000 meters. This is called the ‘death zone’. Well, about 200 deaths have happened on Everest to date. Also, the average death is estimated to be about 4%. Further, the death rate has declined over the years.

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