Mother Stones Of Ancient Civilizations

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The Gaiamakra is one of the ancient civilizations from the Island of Polynesia. It is considered by many to be one of the earliest cultures in history. These people are said to have first developed agriculture and used fishing and hunting as methods for survival. This group of ancient civilizations went far beyond what other cultures would achieve at that time in history.

There are only a few houses left standing as most of the original dwellings have been destroyed. It is not known why these dwellings were destroyed, but it is believed that warfare caused the towns to fall to the Maori tribe.

Garden World

A close up of a tower

These tribe members are the only people who still live in this area today. But even though they have occupied this land, they do not have any permanent homes and all of their goods are used as goods of trade by the other Polynesian communities.

Some of the cultural practices that the Maori still practice today are part of their belief system. They believe that they live in a place called the Garden World and that other cultures such as the Maori are locked away inside the Cave of Wonders. Because the Maori believe that they are locked away, they do not fight against other tribes. If they are attacked, they will run away and hide until they can find a safe spot to fight back. When they do fight, they usually use spears and clubs to fight back.

The Gaiamakra

A close up of a brick wall

The Gaiamakra has many caves that have been discovered throughout their settlements. These ancient dwellings were constructed with granite blocks. Each block was sculpted by hand and the blocks themselves were painted with the colors of the community. The floors of some of these buildings have turned to be extremely cold and even frozen to the touch due to the frigid temperature that is found in the area.

Because of how these people lived, there was a need for them to keep warm. Their method of protection was to build big fireplaces in each home. These fireplaces were kept constantly lit so that the people of the community would always have heat during the winter months.


Another form of protection that the Gaiamakra people used was stone. This would be done through the use of specially carved statues that were used as protective barriers. In fact, the stones were so large that only a few inches of space between each piece of stone was required. A person could step into a stone statue and feel a little bit of warmth.

Gaiamakra stone statues were always made in the likeness of animals. For the man of the tribe, this meant that the animal of choice would be a horse, dog, or cat. The women of the tribe were almost always drawn to the beautiful lioness that was statues. There is a saying among the Gaiamaraans, which translates to “The strongest stone is mother’s stone.” Mother Stone, as it is referred to, is considered the stone that was given to the Maori people as their most important resource for their daily survival.


The Maori still use Mother Stone to this day as their most valuable resource. The use of charms is also very common. Many people not only keep their Mother Stones with them at all times, but they also keep charms of them for use in their homes, in their work, and for other purposes. Throughout history, there have been many symbols used to represent Mother Nature and Gaiamakra.

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