Monster Hunter World And The Worth of Playing The Game

monster hunter world ancient forest camps

Welcome to the Monster Hunter World! Assemble your crew, choose your weapons and prepare to hunt some mighty beasts. The ancient forest is teeming with undying tribes of beast-people, who dwell in jungles and take up adventuring as a pastime. The ancestors of these tribes were cursed by the Goddess of Death to become mindless creatures hunting monsters for her.

Stalking Your Prey

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A monster hunter must learn the ways of the hunter in order to survive in this dangerous world. Monster Hunting is not about the typical bow and arrow; it is about stalking your prey, stealthily following it, then making great shots from a distance using the bow and arrow, then disposing of the corpse without anyone being the wiser. Being a monster hunter is more than just having a gun and shooting at anything that moves. Being a monster hunter is all about taking the lowliest creature in the jungle and turning it into a fierce fighting machine.

Different Monsters

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There are many monster types in Monster Hunter World, ranging from weak plants and animals to stronger creatures. There are also several elusive creatures that are only accessible after they’ve been researched and encountered. Research is done by your character and requires points, which can be earned by killing monsters and taking down rare treasures or artifacts. Monster Hunter World gives you an option to play as any monster you want to, and many other options as well. These include quests, special quests, and more.

Choosing The Gender

The first step to being a monster hunter in Monster Hunter World is choosing a gender. You can choose male or female, but your character is unable to change gender once they have been chosen. You can later change your character’s sex if you wish, though it isn’t possible until much later into the game. Once you have selected your character, you can then choose your job. There are several jobs available, including hunter, which is primarily used to hunt down the monster rather than collect their skin or fur.


Another job is Archaeologist, which allows you to search out ancient artifacts. These artifacts can often help you defeat stronger monster species, giving you extra points while on your Monster Hunter World adventure. You can also become a Bounty Hunter, which will allow you to take on monster bounties to earn extra money and XP. This can come in handy when choosing your monster hunting strategy. You can choose to do bounty hunting on one monster type, or you can target several different monster types, earning even more money for your efforts.


Monster Hunter World is an exciting action-adventure game with an excellent interface and great physics. The game’s single-player campaign is incredibly engaging and allows you to spend quite some time in the game’s tutorial area before taking on the monsters themselves. You’ll be fighting, strategizing, and thinking logically, all while getting a feel for how the game works. Playing this game is definitely a lot of fun, and it just might put some of your ideas to use!

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