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museums in atlanta

This list of museums in Atlanta, Georgia is a listing of museums, categorized for this purpose as establishments (including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private companies) that preserve and present objects of artistic, cultural, scientific, and historical interest to the public and make their collection accessible. These museums also undertake major research projects and display artifacts in order to further understand their history and theories. In addition, they may sometimes exhibit objects for sale to raise money for specific activities.

Museums In Atlanta

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One of the most notable museums here is the Museum of Jewish History & Rituals. Established in 1992, it is one of the few museums in Georgia that preserve both ancient and modern Jewish art and history. It is home to numerous artworks by several artists, including some of the world’s best-known contemporary artists. Some of these include Golda Meir, Betzalel Amber, Mladenoffsky, and others.

The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery is another important venue here. Considered one of the best museums in Georgia, this facility houses a vast collection of works by one of the most influential artists of our time, Albert Bierstadt. Among his most popular pieces are two major exhibitions entitled “The Works of Albert Bierstadt – Seasons of Life and Art” and “Furrows and Stars: A Paintings Exhibition.” His other works are also featured here.

Museums In Atlanta: Science And Technology

Atlanta is home to two of the nation’s leading museums of science and technology: The Museum of Applied Science and The Howard Hughes Medical Institute. At the MESA, you can see the world-renowned Scott Air Force Base, an ideal base for flight enthusiasts. Also within the Museum are two interactive exhibits: The Virtual Elevator and The Microwave Oasis. Both of these attractions are accompanied by plenty of free guided tours, educational programming, multimedia presentations, and other activities.

Atlanta History Center is another great place to see some of the country’s greatest landmarks and historical collections. Its six museums are devoted to an assortment of themes, from the earliest days of the country to its contemporary culture. These include such great collections as The Atlanta History Museum, The Atlanta Fire Museum, The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, The National Association on the History of Fashion, The Atlanta Jewish Museum, and the National Association of the Blind. All of these museums are accompanied by a wide range of special programming that showcases the area’s rich cultural heritage. On Friday nights, the center hosts a special program featuring a reading of the poem “esters.”


Throughout Atlanta, visitors have the opportunity to attend various events at the county museums and galleries. There are several notable attractions that are both free and offer visitors a chance to explore the wealth of history and culture. One such fascinating exhibit is the Masters of American Art Galleries, which is located in the heart of Buckhead.

Another great attraction is the Chattahoochee Nature Preserve, which is conveniently located in the heart of the city. This extensive park encompasses over 800 acres of area, including a wetland area, two lakes, and three ponds. It is home to a number of unique animal species such as wild horses, swans, deer, and many others. One of the most popular attractions of the nature preserve is the Insect Research Institute. It is home to numerous exhibits and features a fully operational insect farm.


Finally, the largest Museum in Atlanta is the Atlanta Art Museum, which features hundreds of different exhibits. It is also home to a number of dynamic exhibits and performance artworks. This Museum is the only one of its kind in the city and is known for the creative and dynamic exhibits it has to offer. For a family vacation, it is highly recommended as it offers hands-on exhibits and educational opportunities. Other museums in Atlanta that are suitable for families are the Atlanta History Center, Clark Park Zoo, the Atlanta Humane Society, and the Atlanta Children’s Museum.

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