Making The New Seven Wonders Of The World

new seven wonders of the world

This process is done with the consent of countries requesting the listing of their Wonders. It is a very interesting process, as each country offers information about their previous World Heritage Sites. This is a great way for the people of a particular country to learn more about other countries and their previous works of art. The whole process of listing a new Wonder of the World is an important part of World Heritage Sites and it should not be taken lightly.

UNESCO Is Agency Of United Nations

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UNESCO is an agency of United Nations and one of its purposes is to promote education, information exchange and promote tolerance. So, when they announced that a list of the old and the new Seven Wonders of the World had been added, many people were very pleased. A lot of governments and NGOs have a lot of doubts though about the procedure of selecting a great wall or a new wonder of the world every year.

At first sight, China seems to have the most number of Wonders, with over ten to its credit. However, after going through the official website of UNESCO, China does not appear to have such a large number of wonders, even if it tries hard to put more of them on the list. In fact, only a third of their list is from China and the rest come from various other countries.

Seven Wonders Of The World

When it comes to China, the new seven wonders of the world that they have included on their site are the Great Wall of China and the Three Gorges. On the other hand, Brazil is given a great honor as their third Wonder of the Earth. The reasons behind this could be their location between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean and the size of their land mass. Also, the rivers that flow through Brazil and into the Atlantic Ocean constitute one of the largest trans-ocean pipelines in the world. All these make Brazil a perfect site for a statue.

It seems that the most likely candidate for being the new seven wonders of the world is the ancient Roman city of Italy. During the ancient era, Rome was an important cultural, political and economic center of the Roman Empire, containing some of its most famous monuments like the Colosseum, the Aqueduct of Segovia and the Roman Baths including the Temple of Artemis Agrotera. With all these impressive monuments, does it not make sense to build a statue in honor of these great Roman architectural wonders?

Most Probable Candidate

The most probable candidate for building the new seven wonders of the world is China, following by Brazil and Italy. All three countries have ancient civilizations with enormous ancient cities and impressive ancient capitals. Additionally, all these ancient cities contain great wall paintings and magnificent hanging gardens that are priceless pieces. If these ancient ruins can be brought to life on virtual grounds, what a wonderful gift that would be for history lovers and cultural tourists.

Last Words

There are many other great cities and ancient ruins to choose from, all with their own unique beauty and charm. It is simply unfair to limit the choice to seven wonders when there are so many stunning cities around the world. There is no doubt that each of these cities could be made into one of the seven wonders of the world, if more resources were made available for the archaeological community. The best way to do this is for more money to be invested in finding more ancient wonders.

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