List Of Some Famous And Great Astronomers

Famous Astronomers

Space has many secrets that we have found over the years but finding these secrets wouldn’t have been possible without talented and famous astronomers. The sky and its view haven’t changed but the way we see it now has because of the people who have discovered it in the past. What we know today about our universe is the result of the efforts and perseverance of many talented astronomers. Here are a few famous astronomers that have helped space science reach where it is today. 

Charles Messier: The French Astronomer

He is a French astronaut who was obsessed with discovering and studying comets and orbits. His continuous efforts lead to a great discovery of catalogs of deep-sky objects. The catalog includes many images of immobile objects like nebulae and galaxies. The result was published when the astronaut was 44 years old in 1774. These are the most beautiful images of the sky and its objects. 


Ptolemy: The Egyptian Astronomer

Ptolemy was an Egyptian astronaut and also a mathematician. He was the last astronaut before the world went to the Dark Ages. His world includes ease to calculate the positions of the planets, the sun, the moon and the rising of the stars. Without him, the scientific revolution wouldn’t have happened. 

Tycho Brahe: One Of The Famous Danish Astronomers

He was a famous Danish astrologer with a metallic nose. All his findings were accurate like no other astronaut. He achieved accuracy as much as each star was cataloged hundreds of objects. Without any technology, he achieved the level of accuracy which is praiseworthy and commendable. 

Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe

Arno Penzias And Robert Wilson

They both worked mutually and produced results that astonished everybody. Their contribution includes Cosmic Wave Background Radiation or CMB. They began experimenting with the Holmdel Horn Antenna. They realized that there was radiation coming out from the milky way. 

Nicolaus Copernicus

This European scientist is one of the most important scientists in The Renaissance period. He was the first astronaut to find the heliocentric theory. Since his finding was against the belief of church so it went ignored largely. 

William Herschel 

He was an English astronomer born in Germany. He was a talented musician and his passion for music also made him interested in mathematics. Eventually, his interest in maths led him towards astronomy. He made telescopes to study the space. He was first to find that the solar system revolves around space. 

Johannes Kepler: One Of The Famous German Astronomers

He is a German astronomer who explained the motion of planets and our solar system. Moreover, Kepler also described three laws. He proved that orbits revolve around the elliptical path rather than a circular path. 

Edwin Hubble 

He discovered galaxies beyond Milky Way. He observed that these galaxies are moving far from each other and observed the shifts. 

List Of Some Famous And Great Astronomers
List Of Some Famous And Great Astronomers


He was the greatest astronaut of Greece who was regarded most famous of antiquity. Hipparchus is the founder of astronomy and his contribution was called star catalog. He found positions and movements of stars and sun. He used trigonometry to calculate the distance and positions. 

Galileo Galilei: One Of The Famous Italian Astronomers

He was an Italian superhead of the Scientific Revolution. However, Galileo was a lucky astronaut as he was alive after the invention of the telescope. He transformed telescope to refracting telescope which paved the way for new findings. 

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