Learn To Play Seven Wonders Game With This Guide

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During this lockdown, several board games came into the limelight. It was probably because people were stuck at home, and there was nothing else to do. People started playing board games to spend some fun moments with their families. It did turn out to be a relaxing and stress relieving time for the people. Since they forgot about the lockdown and other situations that are happening around the globe. The only concern of them was winning the game they are playing. And one such popular game is the seven wonders game.

Seven wonders games is a popular board game both among the kids and adults. Further, the best part of the game is that you can play it online and on a board. However, the real fun is when you play it on a board with friends or family.

Seven Wonders Game

The game consists of the following components:

·        Wonder boards

·        Seven wonder cards

·        49 age I cards, 49 age II cards, and 50 age III cards

·        46 conflict tokens

·        24 value three coins, 46 value one coins

·        One score booklet

·        1 rule booklet

·        2 “2 players” cards

So the game is played in three ages ( age 1, age 2, and age 3). Each age uses one of each card decks. Further, the manner of playing all three ages is the same. Each player has six cards per age in this game to develop their city and build their wonder.

Further, at the end of each age, the players compare their city’s military strengths with that of the neighboring cities. That means comparing their city with that of the other players on their right and left. 

Thus, at the end of the third age, the players count their victory points, and the person with high points wins the game.

Wonder Boards

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So in the game, each board represents the wonders that a player can build. Further, it also depicts the resources the wonder is capable of producing. Moreover, the board is double-sided, and it depicts the two versions of the wonder.

In addition to this, each wonder is composed of about two, three, or four stages. Also, each stage has a construction cost and provides you with a bonus when it finishes. 

Conflict Tokens

The conflict tokens in the game represent the military victories of one city over the neighboring cities. Also, there are about four types of tokens that are defeat tokens and three types of victory tokens, one for each age.

The Conclusion

The game is easy to learn and play, but it can go on for hours. Everything you need to do is displayed well on the cards. You only need to make your choices. You compete for three stages, make your wonders, collect victory points, and in the end, the player that has collected the highest points wins the game. Further, there is a handbook to help you out whenever you get stuck. 

In addition to this, the game is suitable for people of all age groups. Thus, if you still haven’t bought this game, then you should do it now. Trust us; it will keep you hooked for hours and hours.

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