Interesting Facts About The Golden Gate Bridge You Missed Out

Interesting Facts About The Golden Gate Bridge You Missed Out

Golden Gate Bridge is a known fact that the Golden Gate is one of the greatest engineering marvels of the time. This has made the bridge one of the most recognized figures of San Francisco or even the United States. The bridge opened for public use in the year 1937 but the making took four years of hard work. The bay underneath the bridge was the shortest distance before the construction of the bridge. You can only use the boat to do this travel. It connected San Francisco and Marin County. Likewise, there are more fun and surprising facts which you will find below.

Removing The Paint From The Golden Gate Bridge

The bridge was built in 1937, the engineers decided to paint it with lead-based color. The reason was simple to protect the bridge from corrosion. The solution was dominated by lead where two-thirds are lead. Later, over the years, they figured out that lead is very harmful to living things. This called for action and there was an immediate process to remove the paint. This effort started in the year 1965 and took thirty years for completion. The later paint contains a zinc-based primer to avoid the harmful effects on the environment. 

Golden Gate Bridge: Lawsuits Didn’t Stop The Construction

The construction of the bridge began in the era of ’The Great Depression’. As expected people equally responded with negative feedback over the news of construction. There were around 2500 lawsuits filed against the bridge’s construction. Few claimed that the bridge will destroy the natural habitat and beauty of the place. While a particular lawsuit was from a company who managed movement cars and people between the county and San Francisco. We can understand the point of interest here. However, any of these lawsuits didn’t stop the bridge from helping millions as it does to date.

Clash Of Ideas Over The Official Color Of Golden Gate

To your surprise, the color of the bridge isn’t golden as the name suggests. It is sort of an orange hue and has an official name as ’International Orange’. One of the former architects wanted the color to be a combination of black and grey. According to him, this would also complement nature along with easy to sight for the ships passing by. However, international orange was chosen to be the color applied to this giant steel bridge.

Largest Group Of People On A Bridge

On the 24th of May 1987, it was the 50th anniversary of the bridge. The officials expected a gathering of around fifty thousand people but it increased about fifteen times and around 8 lakh people showed up. When half of the people were on the bridge, they felt a vertical deflection of 10 feet to the bridge. This caused a state of panic amongst the visitors. 


However, the engineers have already known that the bridge is unbreakable. The Golden Gate bridge is the greatest bridge of its time with minimum fatality in the four years of construction.

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