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harvard art museums

A museum is a place or a building where all the historic, artistic, scientific, cultural objects are stored and exhibited. People can go to these buildings to gain some knowledge about these objects and can admire them. There are a lot of well-known museums, but one museum which has got recognition everywhere and is very famous is Harvard Art Museums. Like any other Museum, Harvard Art Museum has also dedicated itself to portray the history, conservation science, and unique collections.

Harvard Art Museums Description


Harvard Art Museums comprises within itself three Museums namely; The Fogg Museum which was established in 1895, The Busch Reisinger Museum which was inaugurated in 1903, and lastly the Arthur M Sachler Museum which was founded in 1985. These three museums were combined into a single institution in 1983, under the name of Harvard University Art Museum. But later in 2008, the word University was removed from the institution’s names. Apart from these three museums, it also has Four research centers which are the Center For the Technical Study Of Modern Art, Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, the Straus Center For Conservation and Technical Studies,  and The Harvard Art Museum Archives, 

Different Areas Of Study

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Harvard Art Museums show an insight into science and nature by exhibiting collections that foster curiosity. Those who are interested in science and nature, then they can visit the Harvard Museum Of Science And Culture, Harvard Museum Of Natural History, or Warren Anatomical Museum.  History and Culture are also exhibited through the pottery, scriptures, and artifacts allowing you to witness the history of different cultures from around the world. Those who are interested in history and culture can visit the Harvard Museum Of The Ancient Near East or the Peabody Museum Of Archeology and Ethnology. Some people like to observe living objects. Harvard Art Museums also display the living collections and has become a home for a diverse collection of living plants for example the redwood or the bonsai trees. 

The Three Museums

The first Museum in the Harvard Art Museums is the Fogg Museum, which is famous because it displays sculptures, photographs, decorative arts, prints, drawings from the Middle Ages and the present, and western paintings. One thing which is notable is the Maurice Wertheim Collection which includes many famous masterpieces by Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Edouard Manet. The second Harvard Art Museums is Busch- Reisinger Museum, which is the only museum that devoted itself to the study of German-speaking countries. This museum has oil painting made by the artist like Max Liebermann, Max Beckmann, Franz Marc and many more. It also displays significant works of German Expressionism and Austrian Secession Art. The third museum is Arthur M Sachler Museum which exhibits collections of Asian art, like Archaic Chinese Jades and Japanese surimono, ceremonial weapons, and ancient Iranian Metalwork. This museum even portrays works on paper from India and the Islamic lands like calligraphy, drawings, illustrations, manuscripts, etc.


Thus, Harvard Art Museums, showcase to the people the history, culture, and science we all witnessed in the past and allow people to learn different things in an interesting manner. 

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