Gaia – An Ancient Civilization Review

gaia ancient civilizations

The game was released in Japan in 1998 and was extremely well received by the gaming community. It went on to become one of the best-selling games for the PlayStation and led to further sequels, such as Gaia Save the Planet. Today, the series is enjoyed by millions of gamers all around the world.

Gaia is a simulation of ancient civilization. Players take on the role of a general, making choices that affect the growth and development of their civilization’s units. These choices are made when the player gets to choose from several different cards. These cards represent things such as animals, plants, and minerals. Players can view these cards using an interface similar to that of a tablet or cell phone. When a player plays a card, the result is then determined according to the alignment of the forces on the playing field.

There are two separate but interconnected sets of cards in the game. The first set, called “Heroes” contains randomly generated cards that each represent one of the main characters in the game. Each character has special abilities, and certain cards will also aid them in battle. The second set, called “antagonists” contains cards that affect the forces of the players. Some cards will hinder the progress of the player’s Heroes, and others will attack the opposing faction.

Players use cards in a variety of ways throughout the game. During battle, strategic placement of certain cards can be quite helpful. Playing “strings” with cards is another popular strategy. A player can use multiple cards at once to create chains that link multiple cards together. These chains allow the player to create more powerful cards that can link more objects onto the field.

Throughout the game, a player will collect energy points. These points are used to activate special abilities on the various characters in the game. Special abilities can vary anywhere from damaging the opponent, or giving the user an advantage during battle. It’s important that players pay attention to how each character is affected during a battle, so they can determine which ability is best to use. Additionally, special powers can sometimes be triggered by certain cards or movements, so it’s important to keep a close eye on all of these factors.

At the beginning of each game session, a set of cards will randomly be chosen by the gamers. These cards will serve as the basis for the strategies that players use throughout the session. For instance, in the battle deck, players will select cards to make the attacks of their Heroes. The same goes for the card deck that represents the opposing faction. These decks must be shuffled carefully before the start of each turn in order to avoid choosing cards that will clash with each other.

Last Words

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The positive comments and overwhelming positive reactions to the game have pushed the game into the top ten of many people’s personal favorite games. Some of the people who have purchased the game include those who enjoy card games and those who enjoy the actual concept of it. It should be noted that this game does require some strategy to be successful. However, once you master the basic concepts, the overwhelming fun is well worth the effort.

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