Four Ancient Civilizations You Should Check Out To Know About The History

four ancient civilizations

Ancient civilizations are those civilizations whose records have been found since the beginning of time until the post-classical history period. When you are trying to learn history, you should understand the important civilizations that have contributed to the living style, traditions, and practices we are currently following. These different civilizations have eventually evolved and then emerged to be everything in the world now. Following are the leading four ancient civilization that is famous and are mainly discussed: –

Four Ancient Civilizations – Mesopotamian civilization

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The Mesopotamian civilization is the first civilization among the four ancient civilizations ever to emerge. The period of this civilization was from 3500 BC-500 BC. The Mesopotamian civilization’s original location is northeast of the Zagros mountain and southeast of the Arabian plateau. In ancient Greek, the meaning of this civilization is the land between the rivers. Mesopotamian civilization is one of the earliest civilizations ever to be found. Art was developed before the Mesopotamian civilization, but the people of Mesopotamian civilization refined the systems and combined everything into a single system.

Four Ancient Civilizations – Ancient Egyptian civilization

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The ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the principal four ancient civilizations, and the period was from 3150 BC-30 BC. The original site of the ancient Egyptian civilization was around the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. They are mainly known for the construction of the magnificent pyramids, pharaohs, and sphinx. According to researchers, the history of Egyptian civilization can be divided into many sectors that are separated by periods. The separation and the gap when the civilization was not stable is known as the intermediate periods. During the new kingdom, the Egyptians made pyramids to preserve the pharaohs in mummies, among others. Under the rule of pharaohs such as Rameses, the great other civilizations such as Nubians’ civilization also came under the Egyptian civilization.

Four Ancient Civilizations – The ancient civilization of Indus valley

This vast spread civilization covered 1.25 million km around Afghanistan’s northeast area to Pakistan and northwest India. The period of Indus valley civilization is estimated from 3300 BC-1900 BC. This civilization was set around the river basin of the river Indus. Indus valley is among the four ancient civilizations, along with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The peak of this civilization is believed to have lasted from 2600 BC-1900 BC. Based on the artifacts found during the excavation, it is estimated that the people living in the Indus valley had a rich culture, art and were also good at measuring mass, time, and length.

Four Ancient Civilizations – Mayan ancient civilization

The Mayans are famous for the calendar they have introduced and were based in Central America. Their period of civilization is from 2600 BC-900 AD. They are also famous for understanding the complexity of astronomy. At the peak of civilization, it is estimated that around 19 million people lived in the Mayan civilization and had their style of writing and engraving on stones.


A lot of credit for modern-day civilizations goes to the ancient civilizations. The society we live in today and the agriculture methods are gifts given to us by our ancestors.

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