Excursions With Egypt, Luxor, and Alexandria

egypt ancient civilizations

Egypt is one of the oldest surviving countries. There was a time when the country was ruled by several powerful dynasties. The earliest ones were of the pharaohs. Through the years Egypt has played an important role in the Mediterranean world.

Egypt is the most popular tourist destination in North Africa. A large number of tourists visit this place each year to see the marvelous Pyramids of Giza, the colossal Sphinx, and the majestic Egyptian Museum. Tourists come from all over the world to pay homage to these ancient wonders. The ancient civilization of Egypt is also known for its pharaohs. The pharaohs are considered to be the founders of the famous pyramids of today. Many tourists are surprised to learn that their ancestors came from Egypt.

Ancient Egypt is the location of many important ancient Egyptian cities like Alexandria, Hurghada, Luxor, and Talaat-Lazak. These magnificent ancient cities have been well preserved since the days of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. The cities are home to many priceless artifacts.

Egypt Ancient Civilizations

A close up of a stone building

Egypt is a wonderful place to study ancient history. Students can spend many years studying here. Since there are very few tourist attractions of the ancient civilization of Egypt is very much closed to the outside world. Only a few scholars have access to the wonderful museum places. It is rare for any tourist to be allowed to enter the Pyramids or the Egyptian Museum.

If you are interested in ancient Egyptian art you can visit the Cairo Museum. This place houses the largest collection of all ancient Egyptian artifacts. If you are visiting Cairo during a holiday, it would be wise to take an Egypt Holiday. This will give you a chance to visit many other fascinating sites.

Luxor is another great place to explore ancient Egyptian culture. This place is on the east side of Egypt. You can see the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Many people visit Luxor during a tour of Egypt.

Alexandria is the capital of ancient Egypt. This place has a very strong cultural importance for many Egyptians. This city was home to the best-known pharaohs like Akhenaten.

A Much Ado

A large tall tower with a clock on the side of Parthenon

There are many more interesting sites like the Pyramids of Giza, the Karnak Temple, and the Temple of Luxor that are to be explored in this fascinating part of the world. When you visit these ancient civilizations you can feel the pulse of history every time you walk through the streets. These ancient civilizations have left a legacy for us to enjoy today.

Your Egypt Tour will allow you to experience many exciting activities such as visiting the ancient Egyptian Museum and the Egyptian Royal Tombs. You will see some of the earliest known Egyptian artifacts like an ancient wooden statue of a man with a bow and arrow. This statue has been dated 1500BC. There are many other interesting artifacts to view including ancient stone sculptures.

When visiting Egypt, you should make sure you take part in the many archaeological finds. Many of the tombs of ancient civilizations have been discovered to contain beautiful artifacts. There are Tutankhamen, Abydos and the mummies of the pharaohs. The world of Egypt is full of excitement and adventure for anyone willing to travel through it.

Luxor is another popular area to visit. This place is very well known because it is the world’s biggest Exhibition Centre. You can find many fascinating exhibits dealing with different cultures around the world. You can witness the early works of Egyptian art, view different religions and even witness the lives of ancient Egyptian millionaires.

Alexandria is another popular area in Egypt where you can discover many historical and cultural secrets. There is an old church here which has amazing frescoes on the walls. The Coptic church is here also, which has taken its roots from the ancient churches built by the Romans. The beautiful Catacombs of Kom es-Shouqafa have many picturesque paintings which portray the life of saints.

Bottom Line

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and it is the center for many businesses. There are many famous companies in this city who have created many millionaires. The famous Egyptian cotton industry makes a lot of money all year round. The world of Cairo is very entertaining and diverse.

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