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Seven Deadly Secrets of Success is an excellent self-help book written by Australian entrepreneur and life coach Matthew Reilly. It is an excellent guide to wealth creation. In fact, Reilly claims that this book is “the guide to wealth that is being sought after by everyone on the planet”. Reilly’s wealth creation system was designed to produce wealth faster, and more effectively than the methods used by those who came before. If you want to create wealth fast, this is the book for you.

Seven Deadly Secrets Of Success

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Seven Deadly Secrets of Success is not really about seven deadly wonders of the world, at least not in the conventional sense. It is instead about seven “loves” of the mind that, when mastered, can cause you to become wealthy, successful and creative in ways that mere money cannot. Reilly believes in the law of attraction and so he talks about building your sunspot. His seven secrets are: creativity, the law of attraction, money, visualization, health, and wisdom. I’ll explain what these mean in a minute.


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 This is the ability to think and use new and innovative ways of doing things. Think of all the great books, inventions, and artistic forms that had come from the minds of other people in the past and you will come up with a list of many wonderful creations. Think of all the great things you can do in a given day, week or month and then apply this power to attracting more of these things into your life. The sunspot we are speaking of is the ability to attract more abundance of whatever it is you wish to attract.

The Law of Attraction 

This is perhaps the most powerful law in existence. This law states that like attracts like and that is true on a cellular level. Reilly’s seven deadly wonders are: abundance, health, money, wisdom, creativity, and love. By focusing and concentrating on each of these you will draw them into your life and by doing so you will attract more abundance and thus more love.


The seventh deadly wonder is disease. Reilly refers to it as the “seven deadly plagues.” These include: Cancer, which is the number one killer, AIDS, Lupus, Leukemia, HIV, and even diabetes. If you are not healthy, you will definitely be sick. The seventh plagues consist of hanging gardens, thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, blindness, heart attacks and even death.


 The last of the seven wonders is money. Everyone needs money to live and because of our modern way of living, the amount of money in the world is decreasing. The reason being that there are fewer businesses, which require the use of credit cards or electronic funds. So basically, everyone in the world has to do their part to earn money. The Capstone also has a great symbol in the ancient world and that is the sunspot.

Last Words

The book ends with a climactic battle at the end of the book when the sun is setting. I found that it did not stick around very long. I don’t know if I liked it enough to read the whole thing again, and I’m not sure if it’s a book I could recommend to someone else either. I certainly don’t recommend reading this book without having at least some knowledge about ancient mythology. If you’re interested in this book and also want a good story about a bunch of teenagers, this is a good one for sure.

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