Archeology In Mexico: Ancient Mexican Civilizations

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The ancient Mexican civilizations have left behind a rich legacy of such accomplishments as the Mayan Ruins, the Aztec Pyramids and the Inca civilization. These ancient civilizations left behind artifacts that still fascinate modern day historians and scientists. Some of these items are on display in museums, while others are kept in private collections. The rich history of these cultures can now be experienced in a completely unique format through the help of interactive websites.

Ancient Mexican Civilizations Website

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One of the most exciting sections of this website is the ancient Mexican civilizations. Here you can find out about the intriguing ancient civilizations that existed in the country before the Spanish invasion of 1521. You can also find out more about the spectacular Mayan architecture with its beautiful pots and other art forms. The spectacular culture of the indigenous tribes has also been recorded and you will discover many stories and myths that surround the indigenous groups and their ways of life.

The other fascinating section of the website is the interesting story of the Aztec Pyramids. The impressive sight of these colossal stone structures stands on the grounds of the famous archaeological site of Xunantunich town. Today, tourists visit this ancient site to see the magnificent Aztec pyramids that were built during the 16th century. In addition, you can view other fascinating monuments that belong to the Mayan civilization like the Tiahuanaco and the Chichimeca castles.


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The other interesting section of the website is dedicated to the ancient Mexican civilizations that once roamed the land. The highlight of this section includes the fascinating stories of the Inca and the Aztecs. You can also learn about the cultures of Central Mexico like the Yucatan and Chiapas. You will also learn about the famous towns of Oaxaca and Teotihuaca.

One of the most interesting sections of the website deals with the ancient Aztec past. Here, you will learn about the ancient Aztec civilization that existed in Mexico hundreds of years ago. According to the ancient Aztecs, the world was created by the god Saturn. Some of the most interesting artifacts from this era include the Sun Gate, the Stone of the Ten Commandments, the Gate of the Sun, the Sky Tiki and the Aztec Helmet.

Mesoamerican Civilizations

The website also gives details about some other ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. You can read about the Mayan civilization, which is considered as the pre-classic civilization of North America. According to historians, the Mayan people lived in the area now known as New Mexico around 1200 BCE. One interesting fact about the Mayans is that they were known for building structures such as the exquisite Mayan temples.

Next on the list is the Aztec. The Aztecs were believed to be the creators of the Aztec language. They were also known for their great artwork and for being warriors. Aztec is the third largest Native American language along with the Mixtec and the Tezcan. Other information about these ancient civilizations in Mexico may be found on the website including the meaning of the Aztec bird and the Aztec tooth.

Bottom Line 

Another one of the archeological finds in Mexico is the so-called Pueblo people of central Mexico. They are the remnants of the Classic Mestizo culture that existed in the country before the arrival of the first Americans. This culture was known for its sophisticated artistry which was done by painters, sculptors and architects. The so-called Pueblo pottery may date back to over two thousand years ago. These are just some of the archeological discoveries that make Mexico a hot tourist destination and that makes Mexico a very attractive place for immigrants and new visitors all over the world.

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