Antarctica Ancient Civilizations And Other Historical Details To Learn

Antarctica Ancient Civilizations

There have been pieces of evidence gathered over the years that suggest Antarctica Ancient Civilizations. These are still topics for research, and different theories have evolved around them. Antarctica is the southernmost continent of the globe. The snow-covered continent has been sites for research and is uninhabited by humans except for researchers and scientists. The effects of global warming on the ice caps and glaciers ruling the area is much discussed. The old life in the Antarctic region has been the subject of much research. The melting of ice caps has now revealed certain evidence that suggests life previously in the continent.

Antarctica Ancient Civilizations History

A view of a stone building that has a rocky cliff

The continent of Antarctica was first discovered by explorers Bellingshausen and Lazarev. Before this, only a theory of such a land in the southern pole had existed among western researchers.

Though several explorers had tried to travel to the south pole, they weren’t able to catch hold of the continent earlier. After the two explorers, a British expedition and an American sealer had caught hold of a glimpse of the continent.

The first person to set foot in the ice continent was American Captain John Davis. There were several expeditions following these that were led to the continent.


A large tall tower with a clock on the side of Parthenon

The Antarctica continent does not have any human inhabiting other than those who had traveled and set up camps to learn, research, or for leisure. However, several pieces of evidence had surfaced in recent times, which suggested possible human inhibition in the continent in earlier periods.

The main evidence came in the form of pyramids that resembled those of Gaza. These suggest the possibility of a similar civilization in the continent. The images have been circulated on the internet and have been the topic of intense discussion and research.

Apart from this, many other artifacts were discovered, preserved by the ice. These include coins featuring penguins and an unknown reptile, peanut shells, sticks resembling baseball bats, and seal hide balls.

Antarctica Ancient Civilizations Theories

Many theories have come up regarding the pieces of evidence that have surfaced. Some of these provide a scientist explanation while some more supernatural ones. These shine light on the possibility of ancient Antarctic civilizations.

One of the most controversial theories suggested that the pyramids were remnants of an Antarctica ancient civilization, the Atlantean civilization that might have existed there. Some theories claim these to be built by extraterrestrial beings.

A natural geological explanation suggests that the pyramids could be nunataks, which are peaks of mountains that protrude through the ice and have heights higher than the surrounding terrain.


Antarctica is quite a mysterious place in certain views. The ice-capped areas have not yet been fully discovered. Recently, there have been more pieces of evidence that point to the possibility of Antarctica’s ancient civilizations. This article provides a brief description of the history of Antarctica. Along with the evidence and theories that have come up regarding these are given, which lead to the possibility of Antarctica ancient civilizations. We hope it has when eyeopening for you to start with the basics about one of the greatest Civilizations.

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