Ancient World Podcast: Best Reads About It

ancient world podcast

We all have studied some stories about ancient history in our school, but the history of the ancient world is way more than this. The ancient history is that vibrant period of this world which is remembered up till now. But now, as we see, people are taking an interest to learn more about ancient history. Many people started the ancient history podcast where they talk about the ancient world.

For better understanding, there are many books which have a great amount of knowledge of the past. People are so fascinated by the great stories of the ancient world and looking forward to getting more good books so that they can know more about the ancient civilization.

Here is the list of some books through which you will get to learn more interesting things about the ancient world.

The Odyssey:

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It is an epic poem that is divided into 24 books attributed to homer. This book narrates the story of the great hero Odysseus, the king of Ithaca who went to a Trojan war which lasted for ten years and on his way back, Odysseus with his companions is encountered with some other problems because of which he is trapped there for other ten years.

The story narrates his struggle, the struggle of his wife and son in his absence to protect their kingdom as everyone assumed Odysseus dead, and the problems they have gone through to take their things back from suitors.

Early China: A social and cultural history:

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This book is written by Li Feng. It is about the ancient culture and civilization of the Chinese. From the rise of different religions, the origin of different new languages, the art of war, and the building of an empire, this book narrates all about the history of china and how china is shaped into its modern life and aspects.

The song of Achilles:

Madeline Miller is the author of this book. This book is about the great Greek hero Achilles and his love for Patroclus. But in all rights, their paths never cross. They have been trapped by love and fear that eventually leads to their destruction.

Millers, this masterpiece is a devastating love story and a battle between kings and gods and peace and glory.


This book is written by two writers Michael D. Coe and Rex Koontz. It is all about ancient Mexican civilization and its complexities from early Olmec culture through the Aztecs.

The information gathered by archeologists of some of the pyramids in some cities and some of the latest discoveries of the ancient Aztec. Now it is recognized as the most readable and introductive to the region’s ancient civilization.


As people started taking an interest to know more about ancient culture, civilization, and life, books about ancient history are in demand. Not only this, ancient world podcasts are also gaining popularity.

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