Ancient civilizations in India And Their Outstanding Exuberance

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India is an ancient country in the world. Consequently, the civilizations and the culture that this country beholds date back to the oldest of the days on earth. Ancient civilizations in India go back to the days of prehistoric times when making written records of any historical events was not possible. People were nomads. They moved from here and there, gathering food and safeguarding them from the wild. Hence the knowledge of how to read and write was not something they could afford.

Looking Back To The Ancient Civilizations In India

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 Civilizations, however, refer to the group of people who supposedly learnt how to read and write and maintain a properly decent lifestyle. To name a few of the Ancient civilizations in India, the Indus Valley Civilization is one of the most prominent names to be taken because it is from this era that human beings adopted a better lifestyle. They learnt how to cook, how to dress themselves up, how to read and write and what exactly to do when any natural disaster occurs. This civilization dates back to around 2500 BC in which people had newly learnt to be in families, have a proper governing body for themselves and even have well-planned cities to stay in. Ancient civilizations in India prove to be the first urban cultures to be surviving in the subcontinent of India. 

Amazing Facts About Ancient Civilizations In India 

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India is one of the oldest countries, its age being 250,000 years, forming a home to many olden civilizations whatsoever. One of the most prominent features of these civilizations is that the people of those times used to write on seals. Seals are stones on which writing is used to be inscribed. That is how we get to know about their occurrences, events, lifestyles and other aspects as well. This kind of writing is termed as ‘pictography’ by the renowned historians who work on them. Apart from the unique style of writing, the towns of these civilizations used to be superbly planned, wherein the houses too are very smartly designed and well-organized. They were all equipped with wheels and kitchens, tanks and water reservoirs, as well. Every city built during the era of Ancient civilizations in India consisted of a fortress or s citadel which exhibits a sheer sense of construction and safety measures.

Lesser Known Facts Of The Indian Civilizations

It was during the times of the Ancient civilizations in India that the concept of pottery showed up. The people invented the art of pottery and developed it with time. The wheel-made pottery is one of the majorly lived inventions in those times. The use of metals, especially iron and copper, also made ways during these times. The way of living in the Ancient civilizations in India has always been exemplary to the generations that were to come up. Their ideas and concepts have been so promising that even today, we follow up with them. Also, the majority of our concepts come from their ideas, only developed over time.

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