Ancient Civilizations For Kids – Help Your Kids Learn About The History

ancient civilizations for kids

In contemporary times, since the kids are more exposed to modern technology and new inventions, it becomes more important to keep them aware of the past and the ancient civilization. It is very important to learn about the Ancient Civilizations For Kids. The word civilization means the development that took place peacefully in communities. The term Ancient Civilization means the earliest and the first settlements of the communities that later became the base of nations and states. 

Ancient Civilizations For Kids – About Ancient Civilization

A view of a stone building with Parthenon in the background

Ancient civilization tells us about ancient history. Ancient history began with the biggest invention of writing about 3100 BC which lasted for about 35 centuries. It was the invention of writing that made it possible to keep a record of history. The first ancient society was in the Middle East, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The later ancient civilizations that developed include the Indus valley region which is present-day India and Pakistan, in Huang He Valley of China which is a yellow river, and in the Aegean Sea, Central America. All of them had certain similarities like they all invented forms of writings and built cities. They learned pottery and the domestication of animals. That also created complex social structures with the class system.

Ancient Civilizations For Kids – The Basis Of Civilization

Machu Picchu with smoke coming out of it

The basis of civilization was agriculture. It helped humankind to settle. The agricultural revolution brought tremendous changes because of the invention of farming. After the invention of farming in the Middle East around 6500 BC, the families and the tribes no longer were required to travel to long places in search of food. It gave them a kind of food security and changed their lives. People began to move to fertile valleys for fresh drinking water, for easy transportation, and to irrigate the field. They learned the domestication of animals and to make food and clothes. The population increased which resulted in the division of labor. Since farming needs water, therefore the civilizations first developed around the rivers. With time, they progressed and studied the movement of moons and sun. They also developed the calendar and learned to measure lands. Rapid Civilization took place. 

Ancient Civilizations For Kids – Sources Of Information 

Everyone today is able to learn about ancient civilizations because of the carved inscriptions and the written records. But apart from them, archeological work is also an important factor that helped human beings to dig in the past. 


The first established and permanent communities were the start of ancient civilizations. Later states, countries, and empires emerged from these villages.  The Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Chinese, People of the Indus Valley, and Maya all developed a unique writing system that allowed them to organize their ideas and record and convey information like never before. Thus, there are many fascinating details about an ancient civilization that one must know as they help us to sympathize with our past. History leaves no stone unturned to awe us with the past works of human beings.

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