Ancient Civilization Map And Its Importance

Ancient Civilization Map

Ancient civilization map is one of the most interesting topics in history. To give a more glimpse, here are some facts to know about that time. 

The Ancient Greek Civilization has an impressive feat when it comes to contributions to philosophy, science, arts, and politics. It was a period of discoveries that later came to be the foundation of the modern arts and sciences. 

The political thoughts embodied in their literature were a product of their civilization, their attempts to establish a functional government, and its eventual demise. However, despite the typical depiction of a flourished and fortified Ancient Greek, may it be in popular culture or a retelling of their mythologies, this civilization had its accounts that eventually led to their demise. 

Relive the glorious lives of the Ancient Greeks, from the start of the Post-Mycenean civilization until the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE. These destinations are interesting, as well as, informative.

The Dark Age: The Early Archaic Period

The Early Archaic Period was marred with misconceptions and false notions. Also dubbed as the Dark Age, this period witnessed the Mycenaean civilization’s end around 900 BCE. 

After the end of the Mycenean era, the Greeks migrated and resettled. The Dorian invasion, or dramatically referred to as the “return of the descendants of Heracles,” is one of the Greeks’ migration. Archaeologists, however, failed did not find any traces or evidence of the Dorian invasion.

Colonization And The Establishment Of A Society- Ancient Civilization Map

Ancient Civilization Map Facts
Ancient Civilization Map Facts

After the settlement of the Greeks, they had started establishing a functioning society. Colonization was also among the primordial initiatives of the state. In Ancient Civilization, colonization and state formation came hand in hand, as the former was in favor of the necessary things to achieve the latter. 

They also held the first Olympic Games in 776 BCE. The domination of the local victors were visible. Among those who also excelled in the sports were the Messenians who lived in Peloponnese. 

It is also during the Early Archaic Period where the Greeks started the establishment of city-states or polis. Synoikismos, or the process of polis-formation, can refer to two different forms: first is the physical aspect of the city-state in a particular location, and the other is the political unification, which eventually led to the formation of a government. 

Early Greek Archaic Civilization: The Rule Of The Aristocrats- Ancient Civilization Map Facts

With the aristocrats’ rule during the Early Greek Archaic Civilization, the social aspect of people living in Athens was much policed. The political and social spheres were one entity. Greek cities also founded political institutions, such as the Popular Assembly and the Deliberative Council. These organizations had kinship groupings, and the citizen body, with tribes as the most basic grouping. This societal and political setup was a problem because of the heavy integration. 

The Later Archaic Greek Civilizations: The Revolt Of The Tyrants Against The Aristocrats

 History Of Ancient Civilization Map
History Of Ancient Civilization Map

Many factors had contributed that compelled tyrants to revolt against the aristocratic rule. The aristocrats of Corinth was among the first city-states that dissolved. This was because Greek’s continuous expansion of financial and mental pursuit was responsible for the growth of Corinthians envision.

According to the Aristotle’s Politics, the tyrants arise against the ruling class only when there is an internal conflict within the oligarchy. 

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