Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews

Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews

Every year Amazing World of Adventures (AWA) offers a very different program for the kids. Each area is different from the next, and one can travel to any of the five worlds available this year. Here are some of the most popular activities offered at this popular resort.

The Young Explorers Trail

One of the things that children love to do is ride a bike. They like to get out of the house and get on a bike for a few hours and pedal around to see what they can find. The Young Explorers Trail lets you do just that at AWA.

Adventure Zone: Amazing World of Adventures

Here, kids can work on their own time, no supervision, or any amount of time as they wish. This is one of the most popular areas for kids to learn to climb up, lean and jump down. The lack of supervision is a great feature that helps many parents feel more comfortable with letting their children experience this self-exploration at AWA.

Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews
Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews

Air Pedal Challenge: Amazing World of Adventures

Many people enjoy playing games that involve moving your body. That is the whole idea behind this game. You are required to pedal and be in the air for a short period.

Military Ranger Drill: Amazing World of Adventures

This is a new version of a ranger drill. Your job is to figure out how to climb through trees and then use the branches to keep yourself from falling. The goal is to be the last person to fall.

Scavenger Hunt

Children will love this game. Kids can identify objects, write something, or take a picture, and then have to find them. It is simple enough for any age group and will have them smiling.

Rock Wall Run: Amazing World of Adventures

What child isn’t excited about climbing up a rock wall? When the excitement is high, all eyes are on you. Here, the parent is only there for safety, but it can still be fun for all involved. It is easy to play, and if they see that the child cannot climb down, they will know that they are not going to make it.

Trike run

This is one of the most popular daily activities at AWA. This is a fun way to learn some new things that can help their motor skills. It’s a good thing the younger children can’t get on this fun new toy because adults do not like this form of learning at AWA.

Jumping Wall Run

This adventure zone is a great way to get your kids used to outdoor activities. A large group of people is required to get up and down the ramp. This will help keep the kids entertained and help keep the adults from getting exhausted and trying to get to the ramp.

Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews
Amazing World Of Adventures: AWA Reviews

Adventure Race

Here, the prizes are offered for those who best outperform each other. It is a great way to mix and match skills so everyone can win. It will also help the kids develop their skills when combined with another adventure activity.

Island Build-A-Bear Maze

The maze that you build is what will decide how long the adventure is for everyone. This is an excellent opportunity for older children to learn about construction and how to develop their things. This is something the adults can take part in, and the kids will enjoy it while doing so.


Here are the many excellent adventure spots to choose from at AWA. Some of these locations will have age restrictions, and you may want to ask before booking a trip. Children love to be kids, and they love to explore, so what better place to get them to do so than AWA.

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