All About the Ancient Chinese World Map

ancient chinese world map

If you want to know how the world map used to look like during ancient times in China then do check out the following. Here you will find everything relevant to the ancient Chinese world map. Throughout history, the world map has been described in mythologies and multiple historical events. The maps whether it’s territorial or on an outer or wider scale have continuously expanded and changed. Most of these changes differ from dynasty to dynasty, marking a new era. Some tales of Chinese maps have been seen and there are legends on the maps. 

Chinese Maps And Legends About It

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The early tale about the map is related to a hydraulic engineer named Great Yu. This story is 4000 years old. He used to work on flood control projects on the Yellow River. The legend says that he received a detailed map from higher-ups for his work. But in the end, he failed to correctly do his job. Another story is from Sima Qian’s records that date back to 228 BC where the Prince of Yan Kingdom sends Jin Ke to King of Qin with a map of Yan. This was a conspiracy in which a small sword came out by the time Jin Ke unrolled the map. He tried to kill the King of Qin but failed.

Map Of Heaven And Earth From Tang Dynasty 

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The Tang dynasty came up with the concept of the ‘Mandate of the Heaven’. They believed in the balance between heaven and earth. The ruler was the absolute medium in this balance. Their map also included the celestial bodies as they were more into constellations and stars. The map in that era shows big cities, mountains, rivers, and planets as well.

Map Of Song Dynasty 

In 1177, the Song dynasty used engraving printing techniques for their map. Their map showed provinces, major mountains, plains, bridges, waterways, schools, and a lot more. They also introduced one county map too. So, this was the total layout in the Song dynasty.

Map Of United Great Ming And The World Map

The maps of this era included neighboring states too. In terms of material, it was a silky fabric that was used. During The Ming period, parts of Europe were shown on the map in the 15th century. Whereas the American continent was depicted along with the European part. Present-day Cuba and Canada were included in the map. The notable thing about the mapping was that the American region was much more accurate than the European continent. 


If you are interested in knowing about the ancient Chinese world map then here’s what you are looking for. You can learn about the legends and tales on the map. The maps have been changing throughout history in the period of different dynasties.

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