A Guide to the Best Art Museums in NYC

art museums in nyc

Many of the famous art museums in NYC provide a designated time either daily or weekly for free entrance, both for a set number of the day or for a full day. Sometimes these hours are called free admission or simply pay what you want. For example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has free admission during special events and on specific days and at specific times. Many other museums also offer free admission, sometimes daily, occasionally weekly, and sometimes not. Some museums also offer “paying members” discounts on selected exhibits and activities.

An Overview

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The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most distinctive museums in NYC, offering one of the largest collections of contemporary and experimental art ever assembled. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum has a very large permanent collection of post-impression and contemporary art spanning many disciplines. Many of the installations are created by local artists with pieces from the Guggenheim’s permanent collection.

Another group of contemporary art museums in NYC include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Saachirans Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Arts & Design, and the Saatchi Gallery. All these museums are located on Upper Street between Broadway and 53rd Street. Among these museums, the Met has a contemporary art wing, the Saachirans is home to a wonderful contemporary art house, and the MOCA has an incredible contemporary building. The MOCA also has a great young artists’ program. Several of the participating young architects program participants are graduates of the young architect’s program of CFDA.

Best Art Museums In NYC

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The close relationship of these art museums with young artists is an exciting development in New York City. These young artists bring an enthusiasm for today’s contemporary culture to the institutions that house them. CFDA, which is responsible for organizing numerous exhibitions of contemporary art all over the United States, including the ones in New York, are particularly fond of this initiative. This closeness to the emerging talent makes these young artists feel at home, and they therefore become eager to participate in these exhibitions and help develop the talent.

Besides the large number of contemporary art museums in NYC, there is also a very large number of lesser-known ones. These museums have a smaller budget than the Met, but still manage to exhibit a high caliber of work. Many of these lesser-known museums are operated by individual collectors. One reason why they tend to have less visitors is because the lack of publicity makes it difficult for these smaller museums to attract people to attend their shows. However, if someone wants to see a unique exhibition, they should try and see these places.

The best art museums in NYC are located in midtown, between 53rd and 55th streets. In these museums, one can find everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern ones, both famous and obscure. If one wants to view the nouveau style of art, then they should try and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, formerly Emancipation-EEG. Other great museums in nyc are the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Saatchi Gallery. Each of these museums has a different flair and each one presents a different perspective on art.

In The End

Last but not the least, if you really want to enjoy your vacation in New York City, then you should definitely try and check out the musical theater. New York is home to the best performing arts organizations as well as the largest number of musical theaters. These musical theaters have great classical music as their theme and feature performances by some of today’s top stars. You can even catch a preview of upcoming movies before heading out to the theater. No matter how you plan out your vacation, there will surely be something to please you in New York City.

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