8th Wonders Of The World – The Need To Explore The Next

8th wonders of the world

8th wonders of the world are not something, in particular, it keeps on changing from time to time the title goes from different new buildings to structures to other designs, for now, UNESCO has given the title of 8th wonders of the world to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka whereas some say Milford Sound, New Zealand is a natural 8th wonder of the world, but the things get more interesting when you realize that Einstein has stated and given the title to compound interest stating anyone who understands the concept will earn and someone who doesn’t will pay it. 

What Will Be 8th Wonders Of The World

There are main nominees on the list there are some natural places some places built before the 1900s whereas some after the 1900s but don’t worry we’ve got you covered with everything listed down from natural to pre-1900’s to post 1900’s,

Natural places that are candidates for the 8th wonders of the world 

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  • Burney Falls California Us 
  • Pink And White Terraces, New Zealand 
  • Niagara Falls, Between Ontario, Canada And State Of New York

Places that were on the list and built before the 1900s. 

  • Amber Room St. Petersburg, Russia 
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
  • The Citadell Laferriere, Haiti 
  • Monastery Of El Escorial, Spain 
  • The Moai Statues Of Easter, Chile 
  • The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy 
  • The Obelisk Of Axum Ethiopia 
  • The Royal Palace In Amsterdam

Places that came into consideration and were built after the 1900s. 

  • Aswan Dam, Egypt 
  • Delta Works, The Dutch Provinces Of Zeeland And South Holland, The Netherlands 
  • Empire State Building, Us
  • Palm Islands, Dubai
  • Panama Canal, Panama
  • Rogers Center A.K.A Skydome In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In Fiction But We Love It

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The list doesn’t stop at the real-life monuments it continues to the fictitious world and we get some pretty cool names there too and we would’ve loved it if they were real, the 8th wonders of the world has also been made it to the world of fiction with two names on the list and fan-favorite big-screen monsters King Kong a giant gorilla, appeared in many films from 1933 and Gorgo a giant 65 feet tall dinosaur-like creature rising from the sea near Nara island were considered as 8th wonder of the world and also the makers promoted the film with the label of 8th wonder of the world.  

Something Official, We Know 

As said earlier we know UNESCO has given the title of 8th wonders of the world to the Sigiriya in Sri Lanka if we talk about it as a 5th-century monument known for its old as time pre-Christian era art and it is a sight not to be missed. 


However, the title may be given to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka still there are monuments that are not on the list but worth be seen and appreciated whether they are from the pre-1900s or post the 1900s or maybe even before or after that era the monuments are unique in their own way and maybe they are not on the list of 8th wonders of the world but they worth a visit. 

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