8th Wonders of the World – Oahu, Hawaii

A group of palm trees on a rock in a pool of water

The term “8th Wonder of the World” was probably not coined concerning buildings or infrastructure, but that is what it is. In many dictionaries, the word is capitalized, but some do not. Regardless of which spelling is used, it should just be called the incredible. These wondrous buildings and infrastructure do more than create beauty for those who see them.

In the town of Milford Sound, New Zealand, the views and the sounds of the 8th wonders of the world are so varied that they are breathtaking in their own right. Some of these views include the spectacular sunset that occurs at sunset. A bird’s eye view would show two eagles flying by, and from there it would be easy to see the setting sun. The sunset in Milford Sound is a magical phenomenon that is unique. Other views that can be found in this area would include the lightning, a volcano eruption, the rolling waves of water, the rainbow, and the starlight.

Popular Tourist Attraction

A group of palm trees next to a body of water

Just down the road from the town of Milford Sound, New Zealand is the small city of Sigiriya, where there is an impressive collection of Moai wonders and ancient stone statues. When you visit Sigiriya, the most striking thing you will see is the lion rock situated on the shore of a lagoon. You can see how the waves wash over the rock as it stands on the shore. Because the rock faces the sandbar, it can retain the warmth of the sea and the sun during the summer months, and stay relatively cool during the winter months.

The Na Pali Coast is a popular tourist attraction in Hawaii, especially for those who love to explore the beautiful white-sand beaches. Many visitors come here to watch the amazing sunset and to do some snorkeling too. There are many wonderful resorts and hotels here. One of the best things about visiting the Na Pali Coast is that you can get accommodation at such reasonable prices, especially if you take advantage of special discounts available during the offseason.

Beauty Of The Nature

A group of palm trees next to a tree

In the mid-morning, you can see two humpback whales playing with the coconut shells along the shoreline. It is one of the loveliest experiences you can have. Afterward, enjoy the spectacular scenery of wildflowers growing close to the Hualalai beach. This is a good place for photography enthusiasts since there are so many beautiful scenes to take pictures of. If you love to spend time near the water, you will enjoy this part of Oahu.

About midway between the cities of Kihei and Hilo is the island of Maui. Maui is the largest Island in Hawaii. Its beauty is evident by the vast array of waterfalls, beaches, and lush vegetation. Many visitors come here to lie down on the beaches and swim in the water. You might also want to try the many hiking trails that are offered on this island.

The island of Kauai is on the tip of the Hawaii Island chain. It is the most populous of all the Islands. When you visit this island, be sure to see the famous Haleakala Crater. If you like seeing large groups of humpback whales, then you will want to see the whales at Kilauea Island. There are also caves with amazing rock formations to explore.

The last stop on our tour of Oahu’s incredible places is the island of Lanai, which is the most southernmost of all the Islands. You can see a vast array of alpine rainforests here. It is a great location for walking, hiking, or just spending time outside and away from the busy tourist areas. There are many different hiking trails, as well as white water rafting adventures. You should also try to see the sea turtle nesting area at Kailua Bay.

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