6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit

6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit

This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Machu Picchu sits atop in the Adean Hills that overlooks a larger number of valleys. It is the best place with green lush vegetation and mist due to its higher altitude. The landscape is wonderful and it is a wonder how the people of past found this region.

It was an ancient city with buzzing trade and happy people. It is now considered as the topmost archeological site in the entire continent. Until the 20th century, it did not reveal to the Spanish and was considered the forgotten land.

The strange architecture makes it a perfect place and the best wonder in the world today.

Top Places To Visit In Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu has many sites which you need to look at when you pay a visit. Here are the top six places you should not forget to visit.

1. Inti Punku

This place is called ‘Sun Gate’ and is considered to be the entry and exit paths of the city. It is a must-visit place where the view looks amazing from these stairs. The sunrise and sunset view from this particular place is amazing.

2. The Inca Bridge Of Machu Picchu

It is no wonder that such a magnificent city had an army to protect them from the outer world. The Inca Bridge looks like it served as a secret bridge for the army to reach the west of Machu Picchu.

It is not a bridge as you think, but a path carved out of the stones. There are a connecting bridge-like rock and a deadly 20-foot gap in-between to prevent the city from unwanted guests.

6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit
6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit

3. The Funerary Stone

This place is full of stones and you will find a different stone outside of Watchman’s hut. This is called as the Funerary stone which is large and strange.

4. Temple Of The Sun

It is one of the Machu Picchu’s finest stonework and a must-visit place. It is said that this place was used for observing astronomy and also for religious offerings.

6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit
6 Machu Picchu Sights You Should Visit

5. Temple Of The Three Windows

It is the first that we see out of three buildings. This temple of three windows of Machu Picchu is described as ‘Sacred Plaza’. This place is filled with three large stones, each weighing more than 3 tons. The gap of the stones makes it a perfect squared window facing the spectacular mountains.

Bingham’s Sacred Plaza comprises of three buildings and all the three can be visited easily.

6. House Of The High Priest Of Machu Picchu

This is the third building of Bingham’s Sacred Plaza and has four large walls made of stone. It is not clear that the actual priest lived here. But the building is one of the great structures to visit.

There are a lot more places you can visit in Machu Picchu like Intihuatana, Central Plaza, The Sacred Rock, and many others. When you visit this wonderful, do not forget to visit these places. You will feel surprised to see the amazing solid structures.

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