6 Facts Why Chichen Itza One Of The Top Wonders Of The World?

6 Reasons Why Chichen Itza Is One Of The Top Wonders Of The World

The archaeological site in Mexico which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is Chichen Itza. This site is standing tall since 2000 years. The people who constructed this were mentioned as Mayans. They are the ones who created the calendar and writing system.

Yucatan in Mexico is the place where this world wonder is present. It could be a place of worshipping Mayan gods by the people. To clarify, many archaeologists founded potteries, the skeleton of humans, and other dredges artifacts.

A temple called El Castillo is nearer to Chichen Itza where serpent-god ‘Kukulcan’ is available. You need to climb 365 steps to reach the temple at the summit. You can visit this mysterious place to get amazed by the infrastructure.

What Is So Good About Chichen Itza?

It is an archeological site and not a pyramid. Most people confuse it with a pyramid as the shape and structure look alike. The place is a mystery as most people believe that it was a temple.

However, today it is one of the prestigious wonders of the world. Here are the top 6 reasons that make this site a magnificent infrastructure.

1. Materials Used For Construction In Chichen Itza

6 Reasons Why Chichen Itza Is One Of The Top Wonders Of The World
6 Reasons Why Chichen Itza Is One Of The Top Wonders Of The World

Historians found that the materials used in the construction are entirely different. In other words, most of the materials used are not available for several miles surrounding the region. Mica is an important material used for construction.

On the other hand, this material is available 2000 miles away from the site. The historians are shocked by the transport modes they would have used.

2. Mysterious Mayans

The fact that Mayans were not the ones contributed to the making of this architecture shocks us. This is because the structure is made in two different times. Mayans constructed in the first stage and later in the 10th century, Toltecs, the invaders constructed the remaining part.

3. Smaller Pyramids

El Castillo is the larger pyramid we see at the first sight of Chichen Itza. It is of 98 feet and it is found that there are two smaller pyramids inside it. They are of 65.5 feet and 33 feet respectively.

4. Sinkholes

Chichen Itza is built near during sinkholes and there is a major reason behind this. The civilization thrived near this source of freshwater. You cannot find any river or lake nearer this area. Most of the sinkholes available are stable to date.

5. Chichen Itza As The Place Of Sacrifice

6 Reasons Why Chichen Itza Is One Of The Top Wonders Of The World
6 Reasons Why Chichen Itza Is One Of The Top Wonders Of The World

The reason behind the sinkholes may be frightening. Mayans would use the site as a place of sacrifice during famines. Many mysteries and conspiracies revolve around this place as Mayans would love to do anything for their god.

6. As An Observatory

Mayans were ahead of their times as they were the civilization to create calendars. Therefore, there are higher chances that this Chichen Itza might be a place of the observatory of planets and stars.

In short, Chichen Itza is considered to be the place of many perspectives. But we can make only suggestions and the real reason is unknown. Maybe we can get the answers to this mystery in the future.

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