5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About

5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About

History is very difficult to research and finding the civilizations centuries ago is a tedious task. However, archaeologists found various ancient civilizations in different parts of the world.

In addition, there was evidence that a group of people well-advanced in urban architecture lived centuries ago. The cultures and traditions we follow today were used by some of these civilizations.

Moreover, there are texts where the trade from one corner of the world to another corner fascinates us. Without today’s technology, they have the spirit to travel across oceans and trade with different nations.

Meanwhile, there were a bunch of civilizations which was rejected as mythical and imaginary. These include the period of Atlantis and Rama as there was no evidence.

Ancient Civilizations You Should Know

Using technology, today we research the fossils and artifacts. These were collected on specific belts. Each civilization is important in shaping the world we live in today. Therefore, look at the top civilizations which you should know if you have a deep interest in ancient history.

1. Indus Valley Civilization – Ancient Civilizations Of All Time

It is one of the earth’s earliest ancient civilizations across the River Indus. In other words, this Harappa civilization dates back to 2600 BC that lasted till 1900 BC. Firstly, the areas of this civilization thrived from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

Secondly, people had the habit of living along the river basin in the past. In the same vein, you can find many civilizations on the river belt across the globe.

5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About
5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About

Therefore, along the Indus river, some people had political ideas, drainage systems, education, and in different aspects. The Archaeological Survey Of India formed under British Raj in the 18th century revealed this epic civilization.

2. Ancient Egypt Civilization

This is one of the ancient civilizations along with Indus Valley and Mesopotamia. Meanwhile, this civilization timeline lies between 3100 BC and 2686 BC. This thrived along the banks of Nile, which is the longest river in the world.

In the first Pharoh, Egyptian civilization results as the combination of both Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. In addition, this civilization introduced the concept of embalming dead as mummies, Pyramids, and solar calendars.

3. Mesopotamia Civilization

This is one of the ancient civilizations that date back more than 10,000 BC. Certainly, this civilization is sandwiched between two rivers namely Tigris and Euphrates. However, in those times, they domesticated animals and also actively involved in agriculture.

5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About
5 Ancient Civilizations You Never Heard About

4. Mayan – One Of The Ancient Civilizations

Around Central America near Mexico, the ancient Mayan civilizations happened around 1200 BC. However, it is recorded that it was the only civilization that hit a population peak of 19 million people.

They devised writings around 700 BC and created solar calendars. Most importantly, the people of this civilization knew stars and planets.

5. Roman Ancient Civilization

It dates back to the 6th century and several mythological facts spin around this civilization. The kings ruled the area located around the Mediterranean Sea.

After that, the Republic system was followed. Popular kingdoms like Julius Caesar and Augustus ruled the nation. Moreover, there are many ancient sites still evident in the streets of Rome.

These are the top five ancient civilizations you should know about. In short, there can be several civilizations lying underground where you live. But as far as archaeology, these are the most important as well as ancient civilizations in history.  

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