4 Useful Strategies For Seven Wonders

seven wonders strategy

Are you someone who is looking for some useful tips and tricks to win 7 wonders? 7 wonders has been a prominent strategy game since 2010. The game has received a lot of fans and awards. Players have to come up with a compatible strategy to dominate. They have to take care of aspects like science, military, culture, and many more. The below-mentioned list includes 4 beneficial plans or strategies. You can also apply them in your next match and these will ensure your victory.

Learn And Understand Your Wonder 

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There is no doubt that any wonder can win the game despite its type. You just have to make the best use of what you have. Start by understanding your existing weak and strong points. In 7 wonders, the most important things are initial resources for players, ability or capacities, and price of capabilities. The ability is plenty productive when compared with price. In this game, there are always wonders with overwhelming power and can easily take you down. If you have an upper hand then there are two factors to consider. In such a scenario either you are succeeding or your evaluations are wrong.

Guilds Can Become Unfair And Challenging

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In 7 wonders, there is no guarantee which guild will appear next. The game is a lot more dependent on luck. During these times luck is the only factor that determines one’s loss or victory. Guilds can be unpredictable but valuable at the same period. You can get 10 points or even more through guild cards which is a great deal. 

You Can Interchange Money 

A bunch of 3 coins is far better than a single point. The most important thing to remember while playing 7 wonders. These coins introduce many possibilities for players. That means that saving 3 coins is more profitable than getting a point. They exercise some flexibility and you can change the outcome. Numerous players skip this crucial information and end up losing the game.

Don’t Forget To Help Your Neighborhood 

As you know the game is split into different ages. You have to examine each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There are always people who were terrible in previous ages. Observe such categories of neighbors. They can help you if you assist them. Communicate and trade with your neighbors. If you will support these neighbors then they can repay you. However, you must practice along with better understanding.


7 wonders is quite popular since the release in 2010. The game is counted among one of the most intriguing strategy games. Players have to deal with the military, guilds, science, and many more. In case, you are a 7 wonders player then the above-mentioned strategies can help you in your next match. These include understanding your wonder, neighbors, and helping them. Focus on coins can be a game-changer. You should also comprehend that guilds can be unreasonable due to luck.

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