3 Most Prominent Ancient Civilizations World History

ancient civilizations world history

Human history is a really vast, rich, and interesting subject. Historians spend their whole lives documenting it, but even if you spend your whole life on this subject, you can document only one specific era or civilization. There have been thousands of civilizations ever since the dawn of humankind, each with their own distinctive language, culture, norms, and nomenclature and a unique outlook of life. Some civilizations were ahead of their time and much advanced technologically, while some lived only to fill their stomachs before nightfall each day. Below, look at some of the most prominent ancient civilizations in world history.

1. The Roman Civilization

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We have all read about Roman civilization at some point in either our school or college, as it is one of the most prominent and influential ancient civilizations in world history. It existed from 550 BC-465 AD, which is a really long period of time. At the peak of their power, the Romans ruled a vast amount of land, and all the Mediterranean countries were part of this glorious Roman Empire. Some notable emperors like Julius Caesar and Augustus were the leaders of this empire. The Coliseum, one of the Wonders of the World and a famous tourist spot these days but a ground for brutal battles in the olden days, was also built during this period. The Roman Empire extended to such an extent that it became impossible to keep it united under a single ruler and thus was overrun and divided by barbarians.

2. The Persian Civilization

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The grand Persian Civilization existed in the area where modern-day Iran is. Its period was from 550 BC-331 BC. Although they remained in power for mere 200 years, even during this short period of time, the Persian Civilization became the most powerful civilization of that time, and their empire stretched from Egypt to Greece and even covered some eastern parts of India. The Persians’ famous battle with the Spartans is one of the most significant events of world history.

3. The Greek Civilization- Another Ancient Civilization World History

The Greeks’ period of rule was between 2700 BC-479 BC. Greek civilization is one of the most influential civilizations of our history. They were light years ahead in terms of technology and research than other civilizations of that time. The famous Greek mythology was also developed during their period of reign. Their history is spread over such a long period of time that historians had to divide it into various periods. The Greeks originated the concepts for modern geometry, physics, and biology and are also the founders of the ancient Olympics. Greek philosophers and scientists had an everlasting impact on the world. Archimedes, Socrates, Aristotle, and Pythagoras are such names that we read about or have at least heard in our schools, and their concepts are used to this very day. Alexander the Great was a man who needs no introduction was also aboard the Greek ship, which sailed towards glory in their golden age.


These ancient civilizations’ world history laid the foundation for many major things that we’re able to develop and make use of in the modern age. We have been able to learn loads from them and historians and still to conduct research on these ancient civilizations of world history.

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