3 Great Ancient American Civilizations

ancient american civilizations

In ancient America, distinguishable civilizations were present. Some civilizations flourished in various regions of America. If you are always interested in learning about history then this part of the past might interest you. In the following list, you can get a glimpse of these ancient American civilizations. Historians have tried to interpret more information related to such civilizations through the evidence found in specific locations. 

Maya Culture And Mayans

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People from Maya Civilization were fascinated by mathematics, astronomy, and calendar systems. They used to live in present-day southern Mexico. Mayans were known for their unique water control system. Their territory stretches up to northern Central America. The architecture during that time was mostly pyramids, observatories, temples, palaces, and other kinds of artworks. These people were involved in much hieroglyphic writing. Mayans were good at weaving and pottery. People from this civilization wore headdresses and huge hats. They believed in gods and workshopped them. A lot of social division existed within the civilization. Mayans lived around 420 AD till 900 AD.

Aztec Civilization

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These people liked playing sports and appreciated art. The civilization existed between 1300 to 1521 AD in Northern Mexico. They were mainly nomadic tribes. During the time of the Aztec Empire schooling was mandatory for everyone. They had a system of slavery that was highly complex. Aztecs were involved in irrigation. Even came up with draining swamps for better agriculture. They created artificial islands as well. Just like the Mayans people of Aztec did hieroglyphic writing, constructed pyramids, temples, and so on. Mesoamerican culture also created a calendar system and studied them.  

Inca Civilization 

This civilization flourished between 1250 and1532 AD. People were doing agriculture and belief in religion was significantly higher. The technology was very advanced but not distinct. They created builds that could hold the pressure at the time of earthquakes. A king used to rule through various channels of bureaucracy. Machu Picchu is built by them. It served as a burial site in that period. Before the Spanish invasions, Inca Civilization was known for its extraordinary form of writing. Spanish invaders came with many advanced weapons that led to the fall of the civilization. They also brought diseases which also added to the decline. 


Many civilizations existed in the past. The evidence can be found in America which explains how the ancient American civilization used to operate. The first one is Mayans who were fascinated by mathematics, astronomy, and calendar systems. They created pyramids, observatories, temples, and so on. Aztec Civilization from Mexico from 1300 to 1521 AD. These people developed irrigation systems and progressed just like Mayans. They studied and formed a calendar system, workshopped gods, built pyramids, and many more. Inca Civilization was known for its writing but ended with the Spanish invasion. They created a burial site which is present-day Machu Picchu.

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